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20th September 2019
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Bill Heinie should have his own TV series

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Message 1 - posted by nicnewman, Nov 18, 2005

Bill is much more talented than John Humphrys or Paxman. It is time the old guard retired and were replaced by new faces, Bill would be ideal for this role. Anne Diamond is wasted in the morning slot and should present the evening regional news program.
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Message 2 - posted by beerboy6, Nov 24, 2005

How about a show with Bill Hiene and Brian Sewell.How much fun would that be?

In Bills words "that would be such a hoot"
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Message 3 - posted by merlin2468, Nov 28, 2005

I don't listen regularly but caught a bit of last Friday's programme which included a piece about asbestos in council properties. The chap from the council's building division was very non-committal and although he referred to 'the regulations' he said nothing that indicated he knew anything about them and gave no factual information about the subject. Arguing from the tenant's perspective was a lady who could not have been more ill informed about the topic. Her contribution was tantamount to scaremongering, according to her all walls, all ceilings all lagging all insulation and all garage roofs are made from asbestos...utter garbage. Again no helpful information was forthcoming. Bill Heinie didn't probe either contributor and was clearly as clueless about the topic as the other two - altogether it was a waste of radio airtime! If you ask me its his job to research the topic and seek out the truth which he just didn't do. In my opinion he has got a long way to go before he is in the Paxman/Humphries league...
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