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17th September 2019
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Cameron V Davis

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Message 1 - posted by Aiden , Nov 16, 2005

David “tory boy” Cameron V David “charisma bypass” Davis.
The pair of them have made a token visit up north to drum up support.
But as the tories came a miserable 3rd behind both Labour and the Liberal Democrats in the North East at the last election is it going to make much difference to people up here who wins?
Lets face it apart from a few farmers most North Easterners rather have hot coffee poured in our eyes then ever vote tory !

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Message 2 - posted by Aiden , Nov 30, 2005

It would appear that Jeffrey Archer is back in the tory party and will be allowed to regain his seat in the house of lords.
Archer served two years in jail for perjury
should he be allowed back in parliament ?
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Message 3 - posted by Fitzmark2, Dec 1, 2005

"Should he be allowed back in parliament?"

Yes indeed. He's a handy bench mark by which it is easy to judge right from wrong.
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Message 4 - posted by U2369341, Dec 1, 2005

In my view Jeffrey Archer should be allowed back into Parliament. even when he was jailed for Perjury.since we have a Prime Minister by the name of Tony Blair who is a connoisseur of Deceit.which by the way has led to the death of 98 British servicemen in Iraq.therefore Archer's crime is insignificant to Blair's crime.
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Message 5 - posted by Aiden , Dec 2, 2005

Thatcher had a war which cost the lives of over 250 British serviceman just to get her re-elected.
If the Tories are an example of how to run a capitalist economy then its something we can all live without. This is the party, which slashed essential public service expenditure to pay for tax cuts for the rich.
The Tories gave us 15% interest rates, which led to the destruction of huge amounts of industry. Not one but two massive recessions, which inflicted massive suffering and damage on whole communities especially here in the Northeast.
The Thatcher philosophy of “there is no such thing as society” was as morally bankrupt then as it is now.
Its not surprising that convicted criminal Jeffrey Archer wants to rejoin the Tories party it’s the natural home for people like him.
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Message 6 - posted by U2369341, Dec 3, 2005

Contrary to your belief Onecitizen. that Thatcher went to WAR just to get re-elected. only the most credulous will support that belief since no one in their right mind can compare the Falkland war to that of the Iraq war which was the result of Blair's sexed-up Dossier.

In 1982.only those with an emotionally pacific attitude.wanted to see the relocating of the 1.500 Falkland inhabitants than see the sailing of Thatcher's Task Force to expel the invaders from the Falklands to free the 1.500 Islanders from Tyranny. yet. Labour Policians and their supporters wanted the UN to take control of the situation in the Falklands. known full well that if the UN did get involved. the Argentinians would in a few weeks expel the UN and the Falklands would have become a vast concentration camp. not only for the 1.500 who lived there at the time.but.also for the tens of thousands of Argentinians who were held in prisons in Argentina.

The Falkland War should crystallise the lesson into one simple maxim-----never be defenceless.
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Message 7 - posted by kingwhyeye, Dec 3, 2005

Tax Tax and more tax what will be will be the next tax Will we have the NHS river run dry and how about the pensions Who ever we get the consevatives have the best in these two Somebody needs to do something for the people whom live and work in the country side THE COUNTRYSIDE IS THE COUNTRY and they are keeping this government going for nothing Have you noticed how things are getting neglected on the farms everywhere I hope it is Mr Davis One knows he is the best for us all
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Message 8 - posted by U2369341, Dec 4, 2005

Hi Onecitizen. i have just came across a post within the Newcastle Journal. by 'Paul from the North-East'.are you and him the same person? the reason for my question is that the post in the Newcastle Journal and your post on tne Tyne BBC Board have some of the same paragraphs.concerning Thatcher.
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Messages  1 - 8 of 8


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