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18th July 2019
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Message 41 - posted by Michael Chequer, Feb 1, 2006

So it's official then!

On Thursday the 2nd of January we will set the 499th and Final Early Bird Challenge in its present form.

For Monday, you'll have something new to think about, though rumour has it that the long sought-after prize will remain the same...
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Message 42 - posted by Michael Chequer, Mar 13, 2006

Morning all!

Here's the latest Kings and Queens poem featured on the programme today. It was kindly sent in by Harry and Ellen in Bigbury:

William the Conqueror long did reign
William Rufus by an arrow was slain

Henry I was a scholar bright
Stephen was king without any right

Henry II Plantagenet's scion
Richard I was brave as a lion

John though a tyrant the charter did sign
Henry III had a weakly mind

Edward I conquered Cambria's dales
Edward II was crowned Prince of Wales

Edward III restored Scotia's pride
Richard II by Henry's hand died

Henry IV next wore the crown
Henry V pulled the French king down

Henry VI France did lose
Edward IV tribute did chose

Edward V was slain with his brother
Richard III soon gave way to another

Henry VII was frugal of means
Henry VIII had too many wives

Edward VI reformation began
Bloody Queen Mary frustrated the plan

Elizabeth's reign reversed Roman temptation
James forged England and Scotland into one nation

Charles I found the people a cruel corrector
Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector

Charles II hid in an oak
James II resumed Popery's yoke

William and Mary next shared the throne
Good Queen Anne then reigned alone

George I from Hannover came
George II carried on this new name

George III was loved in the land
George IV was pompous and grand

William IV had no heir of his own
Victoria so young then came to the throne

When at last her long reign was o'er
Edward VII the nation's crown wore

George V kept a strict moral tone
Edward VIII relinquished the throne

George VI through the war years was king
Of Elizabeth II her praises we sing

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Message 43 - posted by Stereotyper, Mar 28, 2006

Hi Michael, Am looking forward to your ascent of one of the three Exeter cranes (maybe all of them!). Should be able to get some great photos from up there.
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