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22nd July 2019
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Kent expats - unite!

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Message 421 - posted by third-doctor, Aug 29, 2007

Thanks for the replies. I was unaware of any 'history' concerning this spat; I am indeed new to this thread.

Personally, I only left the UK eight years ago, but I tend to visit 'home' during the summer. Despite the fact that I have access to far more food and culture from home here in Thailand than I did in Japan, every now and then I fancy popping back to the UK just to drop into a nice country pub. Memory can cheat, though - and not everything about living in the UK was great - otherwise I probably would have stayed there. I notice the changes more and more each time I go back (particularly the cult of celebrity). If I ever feel tempted to get too nostalgic, I need only remind myself of the dreary winter weather where the sun hardly ever puts in an appearance.
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Message 422 - posted by AnnetteUK, Sep 19, 2007

Jeff and Colin ... you are both such caring gentlemen .. from my first day in the EX-PAT'S group. I thank you for that. I love all the photo's you email a number of us Colin .. and Jeff .. the jokes you send make me chuckle :) And your political emails make me stop and think .. our world has changed .. as did that of our ancestors.
Edna ... I miss exchanging views with you ... look at my Diabetes WebPage and you will see where to contact me. Via email we exchange, memories and thoughts peacefully.
Sandra .. you are an English rose in email ..
I check in here rarely so .. see you kids in email!!!!!
regards from Annette The Peaceful Deal Lady ;)

ps: John and I are flying to England next Tuesday Sept 25th .. will be there for another glorious week. <grin>
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Message 423 - posted by AnitafromOz, Oct 13, 2007

Hi Annette,
I hope your trip to the UK was as you hoped. We are still here in England until 30th and then our long sea trip home. You can still contact me on my usual email address - I check the emails every so often, but I don`t have your address with me.
We are having a great time here and the weather is not too bad, just a little misty rain every so often, but then this is England !!!
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Message 424 - posted by 16emily, Feb 1, 2008

I am from Deal in Kent. Now in North Carolina USa. Been here 4 months and love it
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Message 425 - posted by turnerroad, Mar 30, 2008

Hi all this is my first time on this site so hopefully someone will reply to me. I left Kent in 1968 when I was a youngster. I miss so much about it, the countryside especially. I recall the hop garden the other side of the woods which backed on to my home and the walk through the middle of them on the way to school. We had orchards just up the road from us along with a farm where we purchased our eggs. Most people on the estate new each other so there were plenty of friends close by.
Sunday was usually spent down the castle grounds with neighbours and then as I grew older most of my time was spent at the swimming pool, not quite as plush as todays but still great fun.
I have so many happy memories of Tonbridge that I would love to hear from people fr0m that area so I wait with great expectations for some replys.
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Message 426 - posted by HappyKegler, Mar 30, 2008

Hello Turnerroad,
I'm sad to say that you may have left it a bit too late join these boards. If you look at the discussion headed Important Notice re Closing, you will read that as of April 1st all these boards will no longer exist.
Many counties that have very active boards are really upset. Maybe the BBC will take pity on us ExPats and change their minds.!!
You didn't say where you are now. I left Tunbridge Wells in 1957. Emmigrated to the USA.
All the places you mentioned in Tonbridge are very familiar to me. In fact 2 years ago, on a trip to London and Kent with my family I was showing my grandkids around the Castle and surrounding areas. They were fascinated.
I love the Kent countryside. We went hopping every year. Even during the war when the Battle of Britain was raging over our heads.
As you can see I am a good bit older than you.!!
Andrews fair used to visit Tonbridge every year.
That was a must for my friends and me. Bumper cars, merry-go-rounds etc: Lots of good memories.
Hope you have time to answer, and also get more responses to your posting, before they flip the switch on us all.!! Beat Wishes.
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Message 427 - posted by turnerroad, Mar 31, 2008

Hello HappyKegler
many thanks for replying. I didn't know this site was closing down, what a shame maybe another one will pop up somewhere I do hope so.

My Mum and Dad were in Kent during the war years, Mum fromBorough Green and Dad from Edenbridge.

I left Kent for St Leonards On Sea East Sussex and I now live in Gosport Hampshire so for most of my life I have had a sea breeze so i do find now that when I return to Tonbridge the heat can be unbearable. Still wouldn't mind going back there to live although it isn't really an option.
Yes, I do remember going to the fair and spending a very happy Saturday afternoon/early evening there after watching the carnival during the afternoon. I was too young to go to the fair during the late evening.

Our paths may cross again if they decide to open another site

All the very best to you in the future.
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Message 428 - posted by Lambchop13, Mar 31, 2008

Happy Kegler & turnerroad, try this link to reunite
Go to the last page and scroll to the bottom, some boarders are setting up somewhere else ;-)

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Message 429 - posted by turnerroad, Mar 31, 2008


many thanks I'll give it a go.:-D
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Message 430 - posted by Lambchop13, Mar 31, 2008

You are welcome turnerroad, happy posting <ok>

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Messages  421 - 430 of 430


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