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16th September 2019
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Smoking in public

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Message 41 - posted by U5980963, Oct 15, 2006

Now there are moves to create areas outside pubs and clubs where smoking will be banned in the open air.Excellent news because this will follow hospitals government offices and private firms.
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Message 42 - posted by happy girl, Jul 18, 2007

Our business in epos systems & relates to our customers that have been running public houses, we have seen in the last year only, 4 x public houses closing down, due to bringing in the non smoking ban much earlier they needed, which is not a bad thing, as drinking like the brits do anyway, causing liver problems if not liver failure, using our hospital beds, not to mention the danger a lot of drinkers cause by breaking the law drink/drive, killing innocent people, or at the least being a total pain with the silly ways, they carry on after a few drinks like a lot of immature fools,loud & silly comes to mind!! they have given Britain a bad name!! football supporters from the UK, are well talked about by other countries!! we are a non smoking family, but believe letting people get on with their own lives, I would welcome a smoker in my home, but not a drunk!!
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Message 43 - posted by happy girl, Jul 18, 2007

Yes it is sad hearing your story,but drink kills people too, & my uncle who died of stomach cancer who never smoke, or drank just eat good food all his life!! now his wife my aunt smokes like a trooper & is 89 now & still healthy, I think we should look at the traffice fumes & stop blaming the ciggies!!
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Message 44 - posted by patsy, Jul 18, 2007

happy girl,

Traffic pollution is being looked at and addressed. <erm>

Smoking is a serious health hazard, and now the ban has stopped the smokers from damaging the health of the non-smokers.

I think we should look at the traffice fumes & stop blaming the ciggies!!

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Messages  41 - 44 of 44


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