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22nd October 2019
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Plymouth redevelopment

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Message 1 - posted by Devon Host John, Oct 31, 2005

The multi-million pound redevelopment of Plymouth started early in 2004. But not everyone is happy about it. Continue the discussion from our old message board and share your thoughts on the city's future.
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Message 2 - posted by kjh of plymouth, Nov 1, 2005

I see the final finishes are starting to go up on the outside of the Drake Circus mall. I'd been hoping the finished result would change my views. How wrong I was. It looks like they are going for the cheapest finishes they could find. All our fears may well come true. What a missed opportunity.
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Message 3 - posted by Sam_4882, Nov 1, 2005

Why are people being so pesimistic about this new shopping complex. Everybody complains that there is no shelter in Plymouth City Centre, however they don't want a mall. What else can Plymouth suggest to bring it into the 21st century.
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Message 4 - posted by 1TM0nk3y, Nov 2, 2005

Er, the finishes that they are putting up, the ones which have hardened your views about how it will look when finished - are you refering to the insulation sheets?
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Message 5 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 2, 2005

No, everyone's talking about the rather odd and '60s style grey chequered panels being put up on the Charles Street facade.
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Message 6 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 3, 2005

Sam, the council could have put up some shelters or provided cover without the need for the latest white elephant.What Plymothians want is not some 70's throwback low quality mall, rather some really good shops, even if we had to dodge the weather to get to them. The greatest dissappointment has been the failure to attract John Lewis or Ikea and the very uninspiring selection of tenants for Drake Circus. The other much debated issue is the apparent lack of ambition or demand from local people for better quality. Plymothians have become reknown for putting up with mediocrity and then overselling it, resulting in a general let down.Drake Circus is the latest and biggest example of this so far.Those who voice this analysis are abused and invited to move elsewhere. I await the fallout.
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Message 7 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 3, 2005

I'm feeling lonely! Have the guys from Silverstall or Kim/Peverell or even Rodders not bothered to register yet? It would also be fun to get some robust contributions from the council or even P&O if they haven't sold out to that Dubai property company yet.
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Message 8 - posted by Kim, Nov 4, 2005

I've been reading this board after work this week and decided not to contribute again as its always the same old stuff on here. There's a few of us glad at last to see some positive changes happening in Plymouth then there's others who mock us in very condescending tones. It was suggested many weeks ago (not by me) that some people were logging in using different names. I don't think this can happen with the new boards so a truer picture will now hopefully emerge.

Jannermaid - who are you? Don't remember you at all? And whatever happened to James who also used to be pro the new development. Most probably fed up also!
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Message 9 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 4, 2005

Sorry Kim, does it make me sound like a fishwife or a Stonehouse lady of the night? I thought I was being loyal to my local roots. I'm afraid I can't share the aspirations and lifestyle of a Naval Officer's wife based in a big old Victorian house up in Peverell. I hope my humble opinions won't be disregarded as absolute tosh though.I really want the city to improve and at the moment every development seems to be stuck in the inevitable mediocre loop. Plymouth people don't ask for better and consequently get dumped on as with Drake Circus, Staples and the ghastly flats around Sutton Harbour.
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Message 10 - posted by TheChaosengine100, Nov 4, 2005

Is anything being done to improve parking in Plymouth ?
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Message 11 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 4, 2005

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Message 12 - posted by TheChaosengine100, Nov 4, 2005

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Message 13 - posted by JohnfromPaddington, Nov 7, 2005

What, no parking? Sounds good!<doh>
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Message 14 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 7, 2005

No decent shops,now or in prospect,either John.
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Message 15 - posted by W.L.Warrior, Nov 7, 2005

Over a decade ago I was based in Plymouth for about 5 years, even had a flat in Devonport at one stage even. Enjoyed it there til I left to and came back up North. Two years ago holidayed in Cornwall. Took my family across the Torpoint ferry for a day and Plymouth city centre was exactly as I remembered it 10-15 years previously!
The city centre is as Billy Connolly said on his England tour “sterile”. It is boring (thanks mainly to the Germans in WWII) and has little to excite anyone. Please do not miss understand I love Plymouth, the Barbican and the Hoe area are unique and I brought my family 100s of miles just to see them.

I was however, surprised to see that the large scale urban regeneration that over the past 15 years or so has taken place in Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham etc had not taken place in Plymouth.

Its an outsiders opinion and you can tell me to stuff it, but I think the people of Plymouth should embrace modernisation and regeneration, even if it is not to the individuals taste. Doing nothing for fear upsetting someone will not achieve anything.
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Message 16 - posted by U2426416 - alt id 6, Nov 7, 2005

I agree with you warrior but in Plymouth the present 'regeneration' and 'modernisation' is really poor and just showing that the city does not attract high quality retailers or business or even smart and stylish residential development. With the exception of the Royal William Yard where the exterior is heavily protected but the site at the edge of a red light district there are no new smart places to live.Plymouth needs an almighty boot up the backside and the residents must demand much better.
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Message 17 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 7, 2005

WLR I take your point but the citizens of Cardiff Leeds etc have pressed for improvements to their way of life and retail facilities.By and large they got what they wanted and it has been good. In Plymouth the locals are told that they are getting better buildings and contents but it never comes up to the promises or the needs.
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Message 18 - posted by U2379384 - alt id 3, Nov 8, 2005

Knackersknowle! Wasn't that the old name for the village that is now the Plymouth suburb now known as Crown Hill?
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Message 19 - posted by Sam_4882, Nov 9, 2005

If we are to move forward and to catch up with the modern cities like leeds we need some kind of shopping centre. How can the mall be judged when it isn't complete? If you actually look at the design it will modernise the much needed city centre. This is only the beginning for Plymouth. David Mackay has already got a plan to rejeuvanate the city with a boulevard. So why are everyone so against this mall. I bet all of you will be using it when complete.
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Message 20 - posted by OtherView, Nov 9, 2005

Quite right, I visit lots of cities in the UK and get the local newspapers while I am there. Every city seems to have the same bunch of sad wingers, self-appointed asthetic experts who carp and whine about regeneration plans not living up to what they should.

Most of these people have moaned all their lives, irrespective of who is in charge or what is being done, it never quite comes up to their expectations :-)
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