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25th July 2014
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Make what, exactly?

Whatever you make...just make it funny.

But to help a bit more, Comedy Soup content, at its simplest, is in three different sections:

  • Video and animation
  • Audio
  • Images

Those are the basics, but 'funny' covers broad horizons and means different things to different people . With the emphasis on original, and without trying to be prescriptive, try a few of these buzzwords for style guidelines: Anarchic. Alternative. Irreverent. Subversive. Frank. Bizarre. You get the picture.

Video, audio and animation should be short and snappy. Think viral content you might want to send on to a mate. It might be a 30 second audio skit, two minutes of live action or 90 seconds of lawless animation. Images could be original photography, sketches or cartoons, with or without captions.

Your comedy stuff can be edgy but being the internet and open access for all, there are restrictions on this site in place to protect the young, the innocent and those with dodgy tickers. So to avoid the disappointment of not getting your submission through moderation, probably best to steer clear of libellous accusations and religious incitement. Just a bit of advice for life, really.

Find out more about what might make us press the big No Thank You button in our Guide to Not Getting Your Stuff Rejected.

That's what to make, but before you do there are just a few rules you should adhere to.

Video, audio and animation should be provided in the required formats, either in Real Player or Windows Media, and the files sizes are limited. For more details and to find out how you can convert your stuff into the correct format have a look at our file guide.

Images should be sent as jpegs or gifs (but not animated gifs, we're afraid). Have a look at the image section to see how they will appear on screen.

On Comedy Soup we do ask you to do a little bit of your own production - we're not after scripts - but don't be put off and hold on to this thought: You visit the cinema for a skip load of popcorn and the latest rom-com. You witness some of the best production values in the world, but it's like cracking granite for the film to force a smile - and we're not only talking about Richard Curtis movies.

Some of the content on Comedy Soup is generated by members of the public. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the BBC. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced. If you consider this content to be in breach of the house rules please alert our moderators.

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