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25th December 2014
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Comedy Soup Asset Licence: FAQ

What is the Comedy Soup Asset Licence?

The Comedy Soup Asset Licence contains the legal rules that you must comply with in order to use and download any material from the Comedy Soup asset library (the "Comedy Soup Content").

How does the Comedy Soup Asset Licence differ from the Creative Commons Licence?

The Comedy Soup Asset Licence is heavily inspired by the Creative Commons Licences. The BBC has additional requirements, however, that need to be reflected in the terms under which it licences content. The two most obvious of these are the UK-only requirement and the No Endorsement requirement.

In addition, the Comedy Soup Asset Licence seeks to protect the Licensor's moral right of integrity, that is, the right not to have a work treated in a derogatory or objectionable way.

How will the Comedy Soup Asset Licence benefit those who created the content in the first place?

All Comedy Soup Content made available under the terms of the Comedy Soup Asset Licence has been rights cleared and, where appropriate, rights holders have been consulted and remunerated to enable such use.

If a user wishes to make commercial use of any Comedy Soup Content, a separate licence would be required, and a fee would be payable. For details and prices please visit BBC Worldwide's commercial stock hot website,

Why is the Comedy Soup Asset Licence restricted to the UK?

The Comedy Soup Content made available the BBC is restricted to the UK because the BBC is funded with public money to serve the UK population only.

the BBC are therefore unable to bear the cost of distribution to overseas audiences. In addition, there may be broadcast rights restrictions which means that content intended for a UK audience should not be made available overseas.

I'm a UK licence fee payer currently overseas. How do I access the BBC's content?

The BBC is limiting broadband access to Comedy Soup Content to people currently living in the UK in order to ensure best value for money from the Licence Fee. So even if you've paid the licence fee in the past you won't be able to access the content if you're currently living outside the UK.

We apologise for any disappointment, but regrettably we do not currently have the infrastructure to allow all UK citizens and residents, including those presently living abroad, to access these broadband services. This position is the same for much of our other broadband content which cannot be accessed overseas.

Some of the content on Comedy Soup is generated by members of the public. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the BBC. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced. If you consider this content to be in breach of the house rules please alert our moderators.

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