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14th July 2014
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member projects
editor content by: editor
Sometimes Collective members go beyond writing reviews and discussing cultural issues...

The things they create range from offering enough information to be a "buyers guide", to collaborative creative projects. Below is a round up of the type of things that people have put together. If you would like to start something similar then simply create a page or, for a more ambitious joint member project, start a conversation about your idea here first.

City guides
Find out the best places to visit, according to Collective members, in these cities:

near you

Art projects
Projects that have brought out your creative sides. View the resulting images:
badass a collaborative project
super size meow by copper_top
book signing by copper_top
road trip by copper_top
impasto slugs by copper_top
signs of madness collective insanity by copper_top
(mini) art gallery
the swansong of astrotomato - part one
unique forms of continuity

member artwork

Miscellaneous articles that go into more depth on:
books: thomas pynchon by catabolic_kid
books: hunter s thompson by egon
books: ebooks by christian bodart
festivals: survival guide by graeme maughan
film: return of the b-movie by rhys tranter
film: the defecating dead by supersalsantos
film: tomorrow's film directors - may 04 by brendon
film: the 12 films of collective by copper_top
gaming: morality - saints and sinners by mister savage
gaming: gaming's future by mister savage
gaming: virtual murder by mister savage
gaming: the way forward by darknetstar
mainstream media: serial killers by rhys tranter
music: songs in the key of amir: world cup by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: festive ho-down 05 by vincent_roccoforte
music: awards of 2005 by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: british post-punk by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: creation records by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: world music by stuart ian burns
music: band feuds by laurathemadone
music: much maligned music: shoegazing by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: much maligned music: gangsta rap by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: much maligned music: big beat by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: much maligned music: britpop by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: top tunes of 2004 by iyers
music: awards for 2004 by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: john peel - thanks by macandyco
music: songs in the key of... the best by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... showmen by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... the north by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... steel city by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... urban by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... down and dirty by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... quirkyness by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... melancholy by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... lighters out by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: songs in the key of... the future by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: amir's top ten albums by amir_is_a_rock_god
music: graeme's record collection by graeme maughan
tv: the power of nightmares by copper_top
radio: podcasting by laurathemadone
web: nation states by liquidindian
Buyers' guides
Ever wondered where to start with Dylan or which Kraftwerk album to go for first? Find out more about:
harvest/vertigo by releaseroger
aphex twin by dementio13
belle and sebastian by amir_is_a_rock_god
placebo by releaseroger
japan/ david sylvian by releaseroger
joe jackson by drummer901
bruce springsteen by releaseroger
hole by infinitestarla
klf by amir_is_a_rock_god
lou reed by releaseroger
china mieville by spinky
red hot chili peppers by infinitestarla
brian eno by releaseroger
autechre by \•/ doctorvee
the clash by releaseroger
u2 by releaseroger
rem by releaseroger
new order by releaseroger
rolling stones by releaseroger
tool by releaseroger
douglas coupland by ns9mlc
the jam by releaseroger
rush by releaseroger
jeff buckley by ns9mlc
pixies by ns9mlc
dream theater by releaseroger
dinosaur jr by ns9mlc
smashing pumpkins by releaseroger
elliott smith by ns9mlc
the beatles by releaseroger
stevie wonder by releaseroger
the doors by releaseroger
radiohead by releaseroger
funkadelic by releaseroger
black sabbath by releaseroger
jimi hendrix by releaseroger
neil young by releaseroger
tangerine dreams by releaseroger
talking heads by releaseroger
curtis mayfield by releaseroger
led zeppelin by releaseroger
roxy music by releaseroger
bob dylan by releaseroger
depeche mode by releaseroger
metallica by releaseroger
pearl jam by releaseroger
king crimson by releaseroger
miles davis by releaseroger
the who by releaseroger
david bowie by releaseroger
kraftwerk by releaseroger
pink floyd by releaseroger
frank zappa by releaseroger
Short stories & creative writing
Read offerings from some of the more literary among us:
mick's chopper by mike bennett
hottie pursuit by juan pedro carlos
once created sometimes destroyed extract from zero strangeness by sunsetbeach
once created... by sunsetbeach
two in the bush by zettel
trick or treat by copper_top
project: tree house of horror
trick or treat by copper_top
halloween aftermath by blue bird
alone on the moors by moorland dragon
doctor beard: fashion by mister savage
an amazing alliterated article by smithy
a lad's night out in rotherham by rainstreet
doctor beard: the animal kingdom by mister savage
clara goes out extract from zero strangeness by sunsetbeach
the bubblegun extract from zero strangeness by sunsetbeach
the tea shop by flyingtwinkle
the healer by flyingtwinkle
photo from the past by flyingtwinkle
the mother by flyingtwinkle
no gravity - prologue by christian bodart
subgame: vertigo extract from zero strangeness by sunsetbeach
the smoker by tinkerbell83
birdsong by tinkerbell83
windows of reality - short story by bedlam
healthy living - short story by mister savage
finders wake - collective edition by christian bodart
a mister savage weblog special by mister savage
mal de pensées - poem by w****e
snares hill extract by sunsetbeach
project: collective street by various
fishing - an extract from the caitlin principle by sunsetbeach
zero strangeness by sunsetbeach
genesis - part one: small beginnings by chris paddell
doctor beard by mister savage
matthew molior by mister savage
brown dust and low light by mister savage
a minor confession of yarn by mister savage
the curator of exanimatus by mister savage

Read members' comments.
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45 comments | last comment Nov 3, 2006
  member project?
58 comments | last comment Aug 15, 2006
  daily creativity - need motivation to be creative?
6 comments | last comment May 3, 2006
  new art project
4 comments | last comment May 3, 2006
  member projects page
26 comments | last comment Feb 6, 2006
  Armistice/Veterans day photo project
2 comments | last comment Nov 5, 2005
  like an online book club, but w/movies?
3 comments | last comment Jul 22, 2005
  and what's with all the carrots
4 comments | last comment Feb 9, 2005
  Badge Designs Needed
3 comments | last comment Jan 31, 2005
  Collective Festival Challenge
9 comments | last comment Jun 21, 2004
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