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25th July 2014
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member content by: member
moloko23 member since: wednesday 29 march 06
The media junky
I am a media junky, constanlty buying, digging and collecting media. Movies, Music, TV shows etc. My favorite TV shows at the moment are Trailer Park Boys, Robot Chicken, Criminal Minds, American Dad, Curb your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, On the Air and of course South Park. My favorite Music is 60's sound, Jazz, Indie, Electro...its actualy quite a broad scale so its hard to list. My favorite movies are Wild at Heart, Blade Runner, Virgin Suicides, Akira, Waking Life, Donnie Darko, Tron, Quadrophenia and more...

I'm very interested in photography as well as computers and sports. My computer hobby is to upload a picture every day onto my fotolog:
my sports hobby is to skateboard and cycle. My photographic hobby is to take pictures of dead animals and industrial buildings and areas.

I'm almost finished with my highschool degree and plan to tour the world and make my own television series.
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