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5th March 2015
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member content by: member
samjordison member since: tuesday 26 august 03
Writes about crap and cults
Sam Jordison was born in 1977 in Alnwick, the town that nearly always tops the Country Life poll for being the best place to live in the UK. He never really felt the benefit though, because he spent most of his time growing up near the fairly crap Morecambe. After studying classics at Cambridge he went to the beautiful Ardeche region of France to become a goatherd. When he came back he hung around in the office of The Idler magazine until they had to start paying him. At the Idler he came up with the idea for Crap Towns. He edited a book on the subject which was published by boxtree in October 2003. The sequel, Crap Towns II came out in 2004. He's very sorry about all the other terrible 'Crap' books that have come out since. Not all of them were his idea and he hasn't taken any of the money.

His next book, 'The Joy Of Sects - An A-Z of cults, cranks and religious extremists' came out in November 2005. And his next, Bad Dates will be published in November 2006. See for more details.

He also writes for He especially likes slow films by dead Russians.
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