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12th July 2014
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my space
member content by: member
chrsmrrtt member since: friday 29 august 03
my name's chris. how the devil are you? what an odd phrase.

my current musical tastes at the moment include lady sovereign, eminem, muse and marc ronson. not cool, i know, but worry not, it's because we are approaching the summer. my regular listening improves during the colder months.

i am not much of a film person. it's something to do with my bordem threshold. however i did enjoy garden state.

reading puts me in a sleepy mood. recently i've read good books by david mitchell, ben elton, nick hornby and robert rankin.

i don't think i understand art. i know what visually pleases me, but i can't usually read the 'subtext' and such.
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 latest weblog published Jan 2, 2007 | no new comments

why is clothes shopping so hard? i went into town today to buy some trousers for work and had some real difficulties. maybe i'm an odd shape. in my mind i have a tiny head, extra long skinny legs, a mini torso, weedy arms and an severe lack of overall definition.

dang! i'm the human equivalent of the colour beige!

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