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2nd February 2015
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my space
member content by: member
Badly_Drawer_Boy member since: sunday 31 october 04
Hi my name
is Dave S. and I rarely get out of bed, except when I visit the toilet or collect my laptop to write these senseless stories on. About once a week I'll walk over to my desk in which I have a Walther PPK gun hidden, take it to my bed and contemplate suicide.

I claim health benefits and they allow me to have a DSL internet connection, which basically means that I don't have to leave the house anymore.

P.s. The last time I had a woman it was still the 20th century, but I'm quite optimistic about internet dating.

p.p.s. my favourite band is Take That

p.p.p.s My top 5 Take That songs are:

1) Pray
2) Babe (don't you just love Mark Owen's weakly out of key voice)
3) Back for Good
4) Could it be magic?
5) Everything Changes
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 latest weblog published Jan 29, 2006 | 27 replies

Does anyone know if there's a page somewhere with a bit of history about BBC Collective, e.g. when did the site start, how is it funded that sort of thing, what is the relation to the BBC - is it a seperate entity? Think I'd like to write a short piece about the site for an assignment I'm doing....

If anyone could help I'd be very happy...

comedy soup

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