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28th February 2015
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editor content by: editor
Smileys, or emoticons to give them their posh name, are often used in email and other forms of written communication to add a bit of emotion where words can’t quite do it, well not fast enough anyway.

Below is the list of smileys we've created for Collective and how to do them, Collective member spidey™ has also supplied some alternative definitions. If you want to suggest a new one, start a conversation on the right.

smiley smiley, type :-) or <smiley>
biggrin big grin, type :-D or <biggrin>
cool cool, type B-) or <cool>
sadface sad, type :-( or <sadface>
winkeye wink, type ;-) or ;) or<winkeye>
doh doh, type <doh>
ok OK, type <ok>
tongueout tongue out, type :-P or <tongueout>
yawn yawn, type :-o or <yawn>
zzz zzz, type |-I or <zzz>
wow wow, type <wow>
hangover hangover, type <hangover>
cross cross, type X-| or <cross>
hug hug, type {{{}}} or <hug>
blush blush, type @'.'@ or <blush>
headhurts head hurts, type <headhurts>
grr grr, type <grr>
drunk drunk, type :*) or <drunk>
erm erm?, type <erm>
silly silly, type <silly>
disco disco, type <disco>

Alternative list by spidey™
smiley no probs smiley
biggrin carol smiley
cool i just watched the matrix smiley
sadface not smilin smiley
winkeye know wot i mean smiley
doh u big fibba smiley
ok busy drawin smiley
tongueout watch i can lick me nose smiley
yawn thats really interestin smiley
zzz omg me eyes just fell out smiley
wow i just won the lottery smiley
hangover the plastic surgery woznt succesful smiley
cross just got hit by a ball u know wher smiley
hug u cant see me im hidin smiley
blush think i over did the makup smiley
headhurts havin a ciggie smiley
grr bewar of the dog smiley
drunk that woznt a smartie u gav me woz it smiley
erm just doin a roger moore impression smiley
silly am i usin this camera rite smiley
disco say wot u want coz i aint listnin smiley

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