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18th September 2014
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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 1
comment by sirbobwallett    Feb 28, 2008
I realize I might be a little late in putting this on but I'm at work and very bored.

Buy one
play the following games
Silent Hill
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror
Killzone Liberation
Tekken Dark Resurrection
GTA Liberty City/Vice City Stories
Twisted Metal (online if possible)
Metal Gear Acid 2
Everybodys Golf
Pray for San Andreas to come out as a 'stories'
Try to get it online for web browing

Pursuit Force
Tony Hawks Underground Remix
Metal Gear Acid 2 (yes, this is in on purpose)
Virtua Tennis world tour
Dont exchange your old one for the new slim and lite as there is really no difference that can't be sorted with a firmware update.
Don't use it for web shopping (i just refuse to trust WiFi for security)
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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 2
comment by Captain Neville - ScouseBuster    Feb 29, 2008
Didn't like either of the MGA games, especially the first one.

Syphon Filter is probably the best handheld game ever.

Didn't know there was a Silent Hill (sold my PSP about a year ago and haven't been keeping up), but I'm sure its amazing. Might even pinch my brothers PSP and downloooo.... I mean but it...

GTAs are definitely worth playing.

Avoid any footy games, they're all pap.

Web browsing is fine, but not worth playing games online.

Footy Manager games are pretty decent, much better than on other consoles.

I liked Virtua Tennis World Tour, even though I could never win the last game of the season.
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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 3
comment by iamlloyd    Feb 29, 2008
You've missed off:

Burnout Legends
God of War: Chains of Olympus (out 28/03/08)
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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 4
comment by iamlloyd    Feb 29, 2008
CN - Scousebuster,

Aye, 'Silent Hill: Origins' was a PSP exclusive but there are reports of a PS2 port coming some time soon (hopefully with an upgrade in visuals)
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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 5
comment by sirbobwallett    Mar 3, 2008
OK, iamlloyd, I will admit that I forgot Burnout but God Of War is an unknown and could, oh gosh, I hope not, be absolute turd.

BTW Silent Hill psp looked just as good as the ps2 SH's in my opinion.
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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 6
comment by iamlloyd    Mar 3, 2008
Hey Sirbobwallet, just been looking around (try and a few GoW:CoO [PSP] reviews appear to be trickling in, looks like it's averaging 9/10's (only gripe i keep reading about is it's too short, at only 5 hours long)

Silent Hill Origins is as good on the PSP as it looks on PS2? that does surprise me, in most cases the PSP versions of PS2 games although only ever slightly are still usually inferior in the graphics department.

Besides i'm not sure survival horror is pick-up & play gaming. I'd rather play that genre on a sofa/bed on a bigger screen.

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PSP DO's and Don'ts post 7
comment by sirbobwallett    Apr 3, 2008
GoW on the PSP is great, so get it.
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