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26th April 2015
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collective is closing post 41
comment by sirbobwallett    Feb 1, 2008
is there no way to keep one thread open to us regulars? Come on, you don't expect us to be able to work all day do you?
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collective is closing post 42
comment by Crimson_Blade    Feb 1, 2008
yeah they should I agree lets start a picket line haha!
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collective is closing post 43
comment by Syd    Feb 1, 2008
Yeah I agree with rogershoes <erm>
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collective is closing post 44
comment by Ziltoid    Feb 1, 2008
I haven't been here that long, it's a real shame to see it go.
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collective is closing post 45
comment by fingerchimp    Feb 1, 2008
well butter my potato cakes!

at last all my meandering pointless musings will be lost to the world, buried deep in a defunct server in the arizona desert only to be discovered by later generations of a primitive post-apocalyptic civilisation who may chance upon my ramblings and use them to form a new gonzo religion.

collective which occupied the parts of my mind that my job could not, all those years ago (3 or 4, not sure) and gave me all sorts of interaction with other simple fools and debauched aesthetes, where we argued and tussled with the chaff thrown up by the combine harvester of popular culture to find the odd grain of wheat, the odd nuggetty kernel of iron pyrite to chew over and dissect until it became meaningless like a word you have repeated too many times, or a metaphor you have stretched to membrane transparency in a desperate attempt to shoe-horn in as many references, both low brow and high brow, to prove what a bone feed renaissance man you are, while all the time attempting to maintain an ironic hipster stance enabling you to quickly distance yourself from any comment or viewpoint you espoused which would later be pulled up like a stinky old coffin full of bleached white thought corpse of misfired synapses and branch brittle dendrites and used to prove what you knew all along, you're inconsistent and contrary, full of poorly thought out arguments and aggressive posturing, collective that saw me through a formative period of my life, from call centre to office to call centre to office once again, through girlfriends useless and comical, through
relationships doomed and ultimately succesful, through freak folk back into heavy rock and into the punk and hardcore of my youth.

selah collective, selah.
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collective is closing post 46
comment by Syd    Feb 1, 2008
Nice one chimp.

Just one Q. What does espoused mean?
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collective is closing post 47
comment by egon    Feb 1, 2008

1. choose and follow; as of theories, ideas, policies, strategies or plans; "She followed the feminist movement"; "The candidate espouses Republican ideals"

Damn shame the site's going- i may not have beena round much for the last three years as a result of finishing university and having toa ctually work for a living rather than buma round the library all day, but I love this site. Without winning thema s prizes, I would never habve seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, or read "road to Perdition" and my life would have been that little bit poorer.

I remember a collective meet-up I attended once- just about five or six of us I think, mooching round London. had a coffee, went to the national gallery. Can't rmember who was there- shrinkwrapped was I think, and currybet and astrotomato. And of course the delightful Rowan joined us for a coffee before heading off for a prior engagement.
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collective is closing post 48
comment by egon    Feb 1, 2008
Frankie Rovberto may have been at the meet-up as well,a ctually.
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collective is closing post 49
comment by badgirlswirlgirl    Feb 1, 2008
Hi Collective Team,

I joined Collective when I was sixteen and in a really weird way, it had quite an affect on me!

The site slowly really raised my interest in writing, leading to a newspaper column, and now I work full time as a reporter and run my own fanzine! So in it's own way Collective really steered me in the right direction.

I can't imagine what I'd be doing now if I wasn't running the fanzine, I love every minute of it. (btw if anyone wants to take a look head to

It's going to be a shame to see it go, writing that music feature was one of the best experiences I've had!

What are we going to do without Collective? Where else will I go when I need career advice?!
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collective is closing post 50
comment by breaker_of_beats    Feb 1, 2008
Things I'll miss about this place:

Sunsetbeach's blogs- humane, witty, interesting and thoughtful

Amir's reviews- often of bog standard indie stuff, but passionate nonetheless

The Quikky/ Spinky gamerknowledge

Medibot's often surreal entries

That madman who posted stuff about aten and Egyptian lore (anyone remember that stuff?). Can't remember the dude's name- I never settled on whether it was real or a wind up.

Rowan's calm, measured presence

upsetmonkey's insane rant's- illiterate fanboys have seldom been so entertaining, if infurating to try and make sense of.

things I won't miss

- chatroom style users. That monkeyboy lucas and his gibberings. Always reminded me of Harry Hill's impression of Professor Robert Winston- "I'm discussing my latest idiotic escapades and poor taste under a spurious defence of 'cultural discussion', but really I'm supposed to be at work'.

-the occasional cloying cliquiness that made it intimidating at times for new users

Still, all the best for all users in their futures. If anyone's on myspace (hell, I know it's all Facebook these days, but I'm too rock n' roll), my page on there is

With regret and also hope,


Gonna miss you all.
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collective is closing post 51
comment by amir    Feb 1, 2008
"Amir's reviews- often of bog standard indie stuff, but passionate nonetheless"

BOB! Pffft...

I hope that in some small way, I might have given people new insight into old records, or more appreciation of the less celebrated stuff on the shop shelves...

I am thinking of setting up a website with all my reviews and more in due course, if anyone's interested I will put the link up on the Facebook group.
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collective is closing post 52
comment by Quikky    Feb 1, 2008
*breaker - that mad dude's name was ravermcc. I f*cking loved that guy. Never did find out what happened to Tutankhamen.
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collective is closing post 53
comment by breaker_of_beats    Feb 2, 2008
ravermcc, that's the guy. His stuff was great. Was it a wind up? Was it for real? I'll never know now.
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collective is closing post 54
comment by -kawada-    Feb 2, 2008
I haven't been particularly active on the site for over a year but I did get alot out of it in the first two years. I joined Collective shortly after turning sixteen which more or less coincided with me getting properly interested in music and world cinema. releaseroger's advice and buyers guides were an invaluable catalyst for expanding my tastes in music. I bought King Crimson's Larks Tongues In Aspic on the strength of what he'd written and it remains my favourite album. There's plenty more albums I might not have gotten around to half as quickly, had I not consulted his vast archives. Obviously there's other members who've pointed me in some good directions who I won't go on to list, needless to say it's been great to chat with like minded people about cultural interests. I also remember having some deeper conversations back when I joined and even though I doubt I'd agree with half of what I've written these days, at least collective was a place where intelligent discussion was the norm. I can't imagine many forums containing threads about solipsy for example.

It's nice to know my 30 or so reviews are still going to there, even though many of the earlier ones are poorly written. I hope at least a few people found them helpful. I won a couple of CD's and a copy of Haruki Murakami's Kafka On The Shore as well, so thanks for that.

Good luck to all the team, I think you did a great job and cheers to the members who contributed to the site.
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collective is closing post 55
comment by davehouse    Feb 3, 2008
well, i havent been here for a loooong time but back in the day I was a hardcore collectivite! And when I heard via facebook (theres an 'unofficial bbc collective group') that Collective is closing, I thought I'd drop back one last time.

Collective was a unique and inspirational community which I got a huge amount from. The level of intelligent discussion was a welcome break from the inanity of many websites, but there was always a good measure of silliness to keep things fun and balanced!

Big respect to Row and the editorial team for doing such a good job over the years, and indeed to all the wonderful folks I met along the way.

Bysey bye, and thanks for the fond memories.
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collective is closing post 56
comment by liquidindian    Feb 3, 2008
Bah. Although it's been a long time since I posted, I popped back here now and again to get me updated with worthwhile music and films and books and games. A real pity.
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collective is closing post 57
comment by zettel    Feb 4, 2008

If anyone has any interest in my reviews. They are all posted on Look under writers forums/FilmTvRadio.

Or check out zettel in the archive.

Thanks to all who've read the reviews in the past.

Very sorry the site is closing. When wil the BBC realise that Digital TV is not the only media or PSB game in town?


Zettel - Keith Farman
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collective is closing post 58
comment by Crimson_Blade    Feb 4, 2008
Well since I pay my licence fee, I reckon we technically fund collective so we should decede if it goes or not and self moderate it lol
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collective is closing post 59
comment by sirbobwallett    Feb 4, 2008
Just answer this question Rowan. Is the collective closing down due to the abuse Jim Rossignal recieved over his review? If Daniel E had have stayed, would the Collective?
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collective is closing post 60
comment by rowan    Feb 4, 2008
sirbobwallett: no.

So nice to see so many old faces <biggrin>
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