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18th September 2014
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bioshock interview and trailer
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FPS on 360 post 61
comment by sirbobwallett    Sep 20, 2007
iF YOU HAVENT GOT IT yet Ninj, I'd rent it. I don't think it would be worth paying full price. Sure it looks real nice but after extended play, I have fallen into the negative side of it. repetitive gameplay starts to creep in fairly quickly.
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FPS on 360 post 62
comment by Mister Savage    Nov 22, 2007
Bioshock wasn't quite what I'd hoped. It was great for a quick play through, but it was too short and frankly I didn't see how it was all that vastly different from everything else in terms of the actual mechanics of the game. Atmosphere is top notch though, and the story is pretty captivating.

By the way, this is what spurred me on to read Atlas Shrugged, as the "a man is entitled to the sweat of his own brow" stuff (i.e. the whole game's philosophy) is inspired by Ayn Rand, but taking a rather dim view of the possibilities, as I'm sure you guys know already. It was a good read.
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Bioshock Defence post 63
comment by Quikky    Dec 6, 2007
Eurogamerís review of Bioshock was one of the most gushing pieces of prose youíre likely to read all year. I donít visit the site that often, but clearly there has been a lot of discussion of the gameís apparent failings - to the point that Eurogamer have featured a new article in defence of the game, aimed primarily at its detractors.

Itís actually a great article, and while I played Bioshock very slowly and deliberately in order to try and get the most out of what for me, is the deepest and most atmospheric game ever released, there are still some elements discussed which passed me by completely.

While Kieron at one point essentially calls those who donít understand the game stupid, the essence of his rant is perfectly accurate and clearly stems from an appreciation of Bioshockís impact on the art form, and the promise it provides to the medium.
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Bioshock Defence post 64
comment by Quikky    Dec 10, 2007
Well whaddya know, it's Game of the Year - and in my opinion, thoroughly deserved.
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Bioshock Defence post 65
comment by Spinky    Dec 11, 2007
Must admit, I finally picked up Bioshock, but I think I prefer Assassin's Creed, despite its flaws. Am I alone in this?
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Bioshock Defence post 66
comment by Quikky    Dec 11, 2007
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Bioshock Defence post 67
comment by sirbobwallett    Dec 12, 2007
Oh yes Spinky. How long have you played [assassins creed] it for?

Personaly I felt they were both let downs, Creed much more so than Bioshock.
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Bioshock Defence post 68
comment by Spinky    Dec 12, 2007
A few hours now... but I want to keep going back to it to experience the environments and the action - it's definitely not a let down for me. Bioshock has not yet gripped me. Although I can see it is also special.

Did download the Bioshock score last night. It's free on the Cult of Rapture site if you haven't already.
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Bioshock Defence post 69
comment by sirbobwallett    Dec 12, 2007
Spinky, I was much like yourself at one stage, then the truth hits you. Yes it looks brilliant, yes the combat is exciting enough, yes the exploration is ok but where is the game?

Tedious repetition sets in and no matter how good it looks I couldn't force myself to finish it.
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Bioshock Defence post 70
comment by Dan aka o Sabotage o    Dec 13, 2007
Is there really much wrong with repetative gameplay like in Assassin's Creed when the games as good as it is. Yes all you do is, go to a city, speak to a guy, get intel then assassinate. But personally I love this. There isnt many games that can keep me gripped to a game and play for 2/3 at a time than this. Graphics and surrounding are the best ive seen in a game ever!!!!
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Wasted oppurtunity post 71
comment by sirbobwallett    Dec 14, 2007
This could have been the premier Assassin game if they hadn't been sidetracked with the whole [SPOILER] DNA memory story.

They should have made it so you could sneak or run rampant when you reached your target. You get no choice in the matter. If this had've been like a medievil hitman with the gorgeous graphics that it displays, it would have been fantastic.

Example, why couldn't you have the oppurtunity to scale the side of a castle and slip into the targets bed room and have the option of waiting for him, poisoning his drink or loosing his chandalier whilst he slept for it to look like an accident a la Oblivion.

In fact, why not just have ripped off Oblivions assassins missions and placed the methods into Assassins creed?
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Wasted oppurtunity post 72
comment by incredibleJohnny_Bee    Feb 22, 2008
I think the point of the assasinations in Creed was to make them public, not sneaky in a poisoning the wine sort of way.
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Wasted oppurtunity post 73
comment by sirbobwallett    Feb 22, 2008
Are you sure johnny cos they do go on a bit about being a blade in the crowd
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Wasted oppurtunity post 74
comment by Crimson_Blade    Feb 22, 2008
Gotta say I thought Creed was good but I read a lot of magazines up until the relaese and IMO it was massivley overhyped, yes the graphics are next gen and the game looks amazing but it really is the same old same old on every mission, on the other hand Bioshock was a great game and had a fantastic storyline
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