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18th September 2014
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Harsh? post 1
comment by greasycaesar    Mar 15, 2007
This is a harsh review but as an owner of this album, I would have to say there is some truth in it.

It's quite good, but actually really quite boring. Nothing tops "Ruby", a single I really love unfortunately backed up by a somewhat shameful album; and I never complain. There are god songs on here, just not many.
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but fair post 2
comment by Jakeo    Mar 16, 2007
Not heard the album. Have no intention of ever hearing the album. Irritating. Inane. Sh*te.
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but fair post 3
comment by juan pedro carlos    Mar 16, 2007
I really liked the first album, and went to see them live which was great. However, if Ruby is the best song on the new album I think I'll give it a miss, as I didn't enjoy it at all.
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but fair post 4
comment by dr_carruthers    Mar 18, 2007
As many others, I'm fond of the first album, but not satisfied with the second. They had a good mix on "Employment", they found a good formula (those little stupid keyboard-melodies are just great and the lyrics were enjoyable). Clearly, they wanted "Angry Mob" to get successful (and maybe it will), so they decided to go on in the same manner, not changing anything (less stupid keyboard-melodies, maybe)...
An uninteresting album is the result.
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but fair post 5
comment by vincent_roccoforte    Mar 22, 2007
goodbye kaiser chiefs.
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new album post 6
comment by ajtucker14    Apr 26, 2007
when i heard 'ruby' i loved it and ran out and gott this c.d-what a let-down,it was really bland and there were no obvious hits on it unlike 'employment' that was full of them
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kaisers post 7
comment by superirons93    Apr 2, 2008
are you all mad?
this is a great album and yes, it has less obvious hits than employment but it's far more consistent. and yes, ruby is the best song on it but that doesn't matter because ruby is a classic anthem.
the kaisers are arguably britain's best live band (either them or muse) and that brilliance DOES translate into TWO good albums.
so there
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