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30th July 2015
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plan b video session, interview and track
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womble1690 post 21
comment by womble1690    Oct 14, 2006
I am late 20's my music of choice is indie/rock but i decided to buy plan b as a recomendation and i was'nt dissapointed! It's the best CD i have bought for a long time! For the record i own over 300 albumn's
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burdo81 post 22
comment by burdo81    Oct 19, 2006
this is the best album ive heard in such a long time. so much meaning and plan b is just saying how it is. what wrong with that? some of the best writing and meaning since eminems' marshall mathers lp. fantastic.
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rooneygirl post 23
comment by rooneyrfc    Oct 26, 2006
I love Plan B hes stunnin he is so under rated!!!!!!!!!lovin your work XxXxXxX
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Depressing Yes, True - not really post 24
comment by TrUeNbG    Nov 10, 2006
how can you say Plan b is depressing this is one of the best artists i have heard in a long time he is lyrical and sure knows how to write a fuckin good song brapp brapp
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quality! post 25
comment by -PATTY-D-    Nov 10, 2006
i love Plan B!! i havent heard anything like this in a long time. the lyrics are very strong and meaningful. the views and opinions expresed are a great representation of life today in general. i am going to a concert of his because i have heard that he is even better live, and showes great emotion too.


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comment by KENITHECAN    Nov 11, 2006
Im 43, but even I know quality and talent when I hear it and that is what plan B is. Totally original! Brilliant
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Is swearing what it takes to get through to kids? post 27
comment by JonnyLovesWycombe    Nov 28, 2006
Love the album and I gotta say I'm 17 and when I first heard no mroe eatin on Radio1 I thought it was really powerful at the end "You Just Made the biggest.. mistake of your sorry bro." Little did I know that those Gaps were filled with swear words, and when I heard it on the album i was slightly disappointed, I just didn't think it needed it. Also, the first line "This time now, you hear me..." just sounds so fake. But overall I gota say it is a quality album, one of my fave's this year and I'd advise anyone to buy it if you haven't already.
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Is swearing what it takes to get through to kids? post 28
comment by littlemaria1    Jan 1, 2007
plan b what can i say, i went to school with ben drew (plan b) he was nothing like in the interviews, love his music! would be great to catch up, keep up the great work, c u in the future!
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Plan B post 29
comment by lyricalniall91    Jan 7, 2007
Plan B's lyrics are totally real! i can relate to most of the songs on the album, 'couldnt get along' is the closet to my heart as my friend gets him self into stupid situations cuz he thinks has the hard man, strong lyrics and powerful messages are put into his songs.
'Charmaine' has captured the heart of many people, i live in nuneaton and when ever Plan B is mentioned charmaine is talkd of.
All together i think Plan B is an amazin talent i cant wait till i can see him live tht wud be awsome, im lukin fallward to new material!
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Plan B post 30
comment by rollin1985    Jan 12, 2007
This is an album you can listen 2 over and over again. "Tough Love" is without doubt the best track for me. Plan B's only prob is the lyrics in the songs are gonna make it hard for him to get any air time on the radio and stuff. So people like me are gonna have to spread the word so more people can listen to this masterpiece.

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Plan B post 31
comment by charmaine-x    Mar 10, 2007
plan b oh my god your soooo amazing ur mi idol nd i think its wonderful your song "charmaine" its my name coz its an unusual name keep singing about me xx
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Plan B post 32
comment by 01life    Mar 12, 2007
b youre a legend 2 me for real,u dnt know it but you bin hir 4 me when times av bin hard,and when times was all good.its a pleasure to talk about you,don't stop ryming.pece out bruv.
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Plan B post 33
comment by ManchesterLife    Apr 26, 2007
fuckin brill man i love couldnt get along it got a propa story line to it but man u got it goin gd luck in the future see ya later
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Plan B post 34
comment by ant_wild    Oct 12, 2007
lovin all tha songs specialy cast a light love the style you can tell it aint no movie and u can see your self there watchin good look on your journey
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Plan B post 35
comment by carliemills    Nov 27, 2007
you r wicked. cant wait ror next album
carlie and jamie
from gloucester

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Plan B post 36
comment by heavilyinfluenced    Jan 24, 2008
all i have to say about this dude is (real) and you never see that nower days
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