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4th March 2015
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plan b video session, interview and track
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wow post 1
comment by sirWesley    Jun 23, 2006
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wow post 2
comment by badgirlswirlgirl    Jun 26, 2006
I can't decide if i like this guy or not. I hear one song and find it amazing but i find it something you have to listen to very intentively. Its not something you can switch off and relax to. Sometimes it is nice to listen to something challenging but i found this a little too aggressive to enjoy, but i suppose thats the whole idea isn't it?
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wow post 3
comment by fingerchimp    Jun 27, 2006
saw this guy on jools holland and i must say im not impressed...even more so to read.... “But to make people listen to it you’ve got to talk about the real nitty gritty on the streets, so I made up these characters, which detaches the real Ben Drew from what I talk about.”

makes it sound all a bit contrived doesnt it? i thought there was something very insincere about him which probably makes the comparisons to eminem and the streets all the more pertinent.
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wow post 4
comment by druniorski    Jun 28, 2006
don't think i've seen many interviewees expressing views as honest as this. as a lyricist the guy's a genius (listen to sick 2 def). far more real than the 'boyz from the hood' approach of certain (many) rap artists. i'll choose Plan B everytime.
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wow post 5
comment by rowan    Jun 29, 2006
He's certainly very considered in terms of what he does, but I find his honestly about that refreshing personally.
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wow post 6
comment by eggo99    Jun 30, 2006
People need to start listening to what this guy is actually trying to say, rather than the 'choice' language he uses. Plan B is the future and gives us a chance to listen to something a bit different and 'controversial' away from the every day dribs and drabs of the UK music scene.

Please support this guy.
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keeping it real post 7
comment by flyingtwinkle    Jul 2, 2006
For putting a band together right talent is needed and not just any person from across the street with a pair of congos.
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keeping it real post 8
comment by Alastair Lee editor    Jul 7, 2006
flying twinkle, what you say maybe true, but how does that relate to Plan B? is it because he has made a name for himself with his acoustic stuff, while his band comes together?
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keeping it real post 9
comment by x_biffabeffa_x    Jul 12, 2006
I think the swearing in his song does get thru to kids coz thats ow we speak it can piss me off though overly swearinits just tryin to be hard
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keeping it real post 10
comment by sinky2155    Jul 13, 2006
brilliant album cant wait to see him live
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keeping it real post 11
comment by sinky2155    Jul 14, 2006
every time i hear this album its better and better a real talent i think alot of ppl dont like the fact that he swears in his music but ppl just need to realise that they are only words why should ppl be offended by words they use themselves
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keeping it real post 12
comment by hypacaremal    Jul 18, 2006
oooh i love dis guys album soooooo much you can hear in his voice the passion and effort he has put into it.great album. keep goin plan b
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Plan B the Next Big Ting post 13
comment by The_Burger    Jul 20, 2006
Plan b is by far the most talented hip hop artist out, over shaddowing all americans a few steps ahead of sway, this bloke is the greatest thing to come outta england since PG tips. He admits he doesn't speak about his own life, which proves he aint a wanna be gangsta but loves his music and is putting the right messages across to my generation. Make this bloke big BBC and take him to the top.
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Shake a leg --------" post 14
comment by BarefootJugleist    Jul 21, 2006
I'm a big hip hop fan, mostly influenced by american rap, with a dabble of our british talent. The Mitchell bros, Jehst and Klashnekoff have all made a couple of good tunes. Plan B is fresh, raw, passionate and relative to our culture. The most impressive thing is how good the whole albulm or majority of it is. This is a sign of true genious. This is the only CD in my player right now.
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Shake a leg --------" post 15
comment by marcoto    Aug 1, 2006
plan b has taken a good look at everything wrong in our so called civilised society and in my opinion is trying to tell us to stop look and listen before before we get run down, if life is a long road then walk it with a steady pace or you might get a mention in one of his songs, life is a mess and nobody ever really seems to care. basically if you want to make a difference then make music and you will be heard, afteral is music not the food of love? and as for swearing, from personal observations everyone from every age group has something to f***ing say so let them speak. some people refrain from using "obscene" language before a minor as it is considered to be morally wrong but would not hesitate to educate a child by giving them a dictionary. music should not be censored. if i had kids i wouldn't think twice about letting them listen to plan b.
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Shake a leg --------" post 16
comment by matterofopinion    Aug 20, 2006
i am so very often tempted to find the nearest tall building, stand on top of it and shout to all and sundry that plan b is someone we should all get behind as both residents of this country and music fans alike. but time and again he gives me a reason to stay sat here on an internet forum and not be 100% convinced or impressed. i hope the 'best thing out of the uk since sliced bread' really excels into an artist us picky elitists can stop deliberating about and support in full confidence.
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Depressing post 17
comment by nigeybuk    Sep 8, 2006
Tiresome, depressing macho posturing.

"Stab you in your eyeball?!"

"That's no good to me I don't need nobody"

What's the message? Where's the positivity?
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Depressing No, The Truth Yes post 18
comment by Langerz    Sep 10, 2006
Plan B says what he see's going on around him, he dont sugarcoat it, he tells it true. Me and my mates love him and we aint the biggests hip hop fans but he appeals to any fans of good music.Can't wait to see him in a month in preston. His lyrics are deep and think need to be appreciated rather than slagged off coz he don't appeal to everyone. That wouldnt work. HE's a world class poet rhymin to a class beat or acoustic set. Hard to ignore! Keep up the good work i say!
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Depressing Yes, True - not really post 19
comment by redtopwoody    Sep 22, 2006
Great Technique, wicked style, shame about the content. Just bought the album off the back of the hype - amazing talent from a 19 year old, just having listened to it though having been sat in shock for the first couple of tracks at how hard the lyrics were I found the rest of the album souless, vicious and surprisingly laced with self pity, anyone who sees this album as the truth about life is destined for rehab or jail and having been there myself I'd say this isn't the message people should take too seriuosly - where eminen used humour to get the point across - and the streets can see the irony in it all, where's the soul on this album? Dizzee Rascal painted the same picture a few years ago on Boy in Da Corner without sounding vacuous.
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truth post 20
comment by laulyxx    Oct 8, 2006
lisen yeh im a teenager living in nottingham nd im so sick of people hating music that is being truthful! especially when it is coming from youths just telling what it is like!! The only reason they don't like it is because they can't believe the things that some of us have to go through in everyday life, so by saying it's not the truth they don't have to live up to it or feel bad!! At the end of the day plan b is isn't lying or over exagerating this is what we have to deal with each and everyday nd when they tried to ban kidulthood its not because it was over explicit it was because they didn't want to have to see the truth!! you all just need to deal with the fact that this is life.
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