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6th May 2015
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Dawkins- root of all evil? [preview]
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Root of all evil post 1
comment by saintjames12    Mar 20, 2006
R Dawkins hit the nail on the head. Just watch out for all the religious fundementalist
uproar. he demolished each and every arguement. The american evangelist was very scary-Godly? think not.
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Root of all evil post 2
comment by Bob_Bourne    Mar 21, 2006
Hi saintjames12. (Strange name for somebody on this side of the debate, but still).

Having just spent 2 or 3 weeks (or was it longer?) having an abortive debate in this forum with a fundamentalist, I conclude:-

1. I really despair of we humans. We demonstrate so much ignorance.

2. If someone is pre-disposed to believe such rubbish as creationism in the first place, it does not matter what you say to them. You just cannot penetrate their shell of irrationality. When you think youíve pinned them down they just change the subject (presumably closing their minds to the inconvenient facts).

3. The capacity of humans for self-delusion and rationalisation appears to be infinite.

Iím very afraid that there isnít going to be any religious fundamentalist uproar. They will just ignore it. It suits them not to face it. Their heads are buried in the sand. This is a cosy situation for them so why should they take them out?

Itís a tragic situation.
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Root of all evil post 3
comment by saintjames12    May 23, 2006
All the james names taken!!! Heads in sands?
Look what happened over a few cartoons. Scientists would never act in this way over a bit of leg pulling, or try to have science taught in R.E. lessons. They will surface and i fear for Dawkins. Hope the authorities are keeping him safe.
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Root of all evil post 4
comment by adeuxieme    May 24, 2006
First of all, EVOLUTION is not a religion. Religion is a set of beliefs.
Evolution is a theory!
What is the difference? A belief and a theory are two different things in that a theory CAN BE TESTED! A belief CANNOT!
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Root of all evil post 5
comment by saintjames12    May 28, 2006
well put.
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Root of all evil post 6
comment by U4696551    Oct 11, 2006
If a theory can be tested how about this for truth:
Humanist pinch their very morals from the religions they ridicule.
They say that man is now god and can do what man wants because of science!
They study relentlessly, 1000ís of subjects only to find there is more to discover?
They are living in their own little worlds and dictate to 90% that they are wrong (cheek)!
Yet they have had 6 million UK babies murdered in their motherís wombs since the sixties.
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Root of all evil post 7
comment by Rod13MacLean    Jan 5, 2007
Bradtroypitt - are you for real or just 'trolling'?
I "pinched" my morals from what I suspected to be 'right' - now I might be wrong in this but most Christians don't believe that it's OK to have slaves from a neighbouring country or that people who eat shellfish are abominations. So where did those morals come from? Not from the bible - were they stolen from humanists?

Man has always been able to do whatever he wanted. Why do you think you're here? Were your parents forced together? No. Most likely they did what they wanted - and their parents did the same - and their parents (and so on). My right to do (more or less) what I want is very important to me. It's why I'm glad I don't live in Nazi Germany.

Yes scientists study to find out the truth. It's called "investigation" and it's at the root of finding "proof". Perhaps you should try investigating issues before you comment on them? You may be presented by more questions but that's the nature of investigation. You only need to answer the ones you're interested in or which affect your life.

I didn't understand what you wrote about "dictate to 90% that they are wrong (cheek)". If you mean that because your view is popular in your community that you must be correct then just remember this - Hitler was very popular in Germany at one point... it didn't make his views correct.

So come on - let's hear about your "test" for the theories presented by Dawkins. Come on. Just one test. I really need a laugh.
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Root of all evil post 8
comment by Christian Bodart    Jan 31, 2007
Well I'm pleased to say that Dawkin's nonsense has been finally (and coherently) put to rest in the upcoming book - The Dawkins Delusion - if you can't wait that long theres a slimline prequel called Dawkins' God which reveals the extent to which Dawkins is unscientific, illogical and deceitful.

And I'm pleased to say that Dawkins who usually puts more rational people on their backfoot with his irrational aggression has thus far declined to have a public debate with the author ( a highly respected theologian who also happens to be a rather good scientist) Alister McGrath...if only.

RIP Dawkins and may all your hatred rest with you.
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Root of all evil post 9
comment by Mike    Feb 11, 2007
If this article by McGrath (,629,The-question... reproduced on Dawkins' website, is anything to go by, it's not very impressive. So science doesn't tell us everything; does this mean theology has equal or greater validity? Which theology?
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