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20th October 2014
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Farewell post 1
comment by Medibot    Feb 14, 2008
I'm feeling more than a little guilty. I used and abused Collective when I needed it, to save me from the sometimes mind-numbing montony of work only to desert it when things picked up. Even though I had a sneaking suspicion that the end was coming. I'm gonna miss the ol' girl.

It provided a way for me to keep in touch with real-life friends (standard phil, miyagi, duck milk, darknetstar, seren arian and spamburger)and meet others(amir, weegie, iabanon, sunsetbeach, kingofthebees, fingerchimp, juan, john, baney, spinky, redgirl, badgirlswirlgirl and many, many, many more). It was nice to find others (marco and digital ninja) to glance at in work surreptitiously, knowing you were beating the system in your own small way, joking and chatting and discovering cool new music and art and stuff. I know that we ('The Standard Phil Show') were a little controversial at first but we eventually found a niche, so so long that we became a part of the furniture (*beams at being namechecked as resident surrealist*)

So anyway, the weblog. Still not got a fulltime teaching job, still in the call centre. Some things never change. I did manage the trip to Prague, through Belgium (zzzzz) and Germany. And I am working in a school which despite being the toughest I've ever been to, it's also the most rewarding.

And best of all there is now an official Mr Medi, who I met through work and despite Marco's best efforts to put him off ("she snorts nutmeg!") moved in with me:D. But there are so many things planned for the future that I had hoped to be able to mark on Collective as they passed. But it's not to be. And I'm really sad. Anyway, I hope a some of us at least keep in touch, through Facebook, through Flickr, through phones and face to face. Thanks Rowan and the rest of the team behind Collective. It's been ace.

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Farewell post 2
comment by Medibot    Feb 19, 2008
A little and Mr Medi got engaged!
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Farewell post 3
comment by rowan    Feb 19, 2008
Congratulations Medibot - that's fantastic news!
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Farewell post 4
comment by weegie     Feb 19, 2008
well done, honey. here's to a long and happy life.

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Farewell post 5
comment by Medibot    Feb 19, 2008
Thank you very much! We're very happy!
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Farewell post 6
comment by fingerchimp    Feb 20, 2008
congratulations medi! all the best for the future!

it goes to show what a bad friend I am that in all the time I've been on collective I've only been to see Juan in cardiff once.

it's been a real trip daddy-o. there's always facebook and i'd like to think one day i might meet you in person.
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Farewell post 7
comment by Medibot    Feb 21, 2008
Maybe so. The party is on the March 28th so if you and your chimpina find yourself in Cardiff in need of a drink and a cocktail sausage let me know. It'll give Juan someone else to twirl round the dancefloor with.
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