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30th March 2015
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games #087: world of warcraft
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get some fresh air post 21
comment by KomKid    Feb 26, 2005
Yeah, I would if bill clinton sais that to hilary
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get some fresh air post 22
comment by KomKid    Feb 26, 2005
Yeah, I would if bill clinton said that to hilary
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get some fresh air post 23
comment by liquidindian    Feb 26, 2005
"If you've seen the advert for Mercenaries on TV, then you'll understand why non-gamers think gamers are idiots."

I haven't seen this. Is it pretty insulting to the intelligence?
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get some fresh air post 24
comment by fingerchimp    Feb 26, 2005
yeah its pretty mindless..its just wish fulfillment for the kind of kids who get picked last in football and grow into men who fantasise about the borg queen
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get some fresh air post 25
comment by KomKid    Feb 26, 2005
The game is great but why did they ruin it with that advert.
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get some fresh air post 26
comment by kendo, man!    Feb 28, 2005
Should there be limits set on massive multi player games? Should the servers act more responsabley?

Most single player games have a definate story arch. When its done you can go back for a laugh but thats all. The GTA games are proof of that.

Online play is open ended though, there is no end in sight. I can understand whyb people play them so much. I however do not have an addictive personality, so I son't get the endless involvment.

Should there be some self imposed limit, or is that a crime against freedom of expression?
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get some fresh air post 27
comment by fingerchimp    Feb 28, 2005
i think thats exactly the type of game im talking about..something lke half-life where the same scenario is repeated endlessly with no objective but to survive as long as possible and an infinite number of lives..there is no natural end to a game like and they are definitley compulsive
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get some fresh air post 28
comment by KomKid    Feb 28, 2005
Games like socom only exist online making them more addictive. there would never be any chance of limits on servers due to the fct that companies like B.T would not get as much money
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WoW worries post 29
comment by Captain-Porkpie    Mar 4, 2005

i find that games are only really addictive if they are really immersive and beleivable, like the San Andreas game. i picked up the controller and sat playing solidly for about 8 hours before i realised how sad i was being. But with an immersive game, you can plunge yourself into it and really feel for teh characters in it, and you can forget all the worries from your life.
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WoW worries post 30
comment by KomKid    Mar 4, 2005
I have to agree with you on that, also games on the internet like on coffeebreak are great
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Gaming Addictions post 31
comment by KingsleyMarshall    Mar 7, 2005
It strikes me that as the heart of these issues is the perception that gaming is less valid than other media - whether that's reading, TV, film, or other hobbies for that matter.

Of a survey released last year by Down Under Ingame Advertising, taking in 500 European, active male gamers from 22 countries, a couple of the more interesting findings weret hat games were played mainly during the prime time television slot (8pm to 10pm), and were played as much in a social context as individually at a ratio of 54% to 45%.

Why is an eight hour session on GTA: SA any worse than battering a really good book over a weekend?

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Gaming Addictions post 32
comment by fingerchimp    Mar 7, 2005
id really love to clearly needs some research because nobody has come up with a plausible reasoning yet. it is odd really that gaming is percieved as such a waste of time..perhaps it is a form of "play" and that is seen as a necessarily juvenile pass-time..however this doesnt seem to apply to the world of sports and music. the adult gaming market is not a new phenomenon so it is odd that perception has not caught up.
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Gaming Addictions post 33
comment by KingsleyMarshall    Mar 7, 2005
I've raised this before elsewhere here, but have always felt that the interaction involved in gaming can much more rewarding than the passive experience of simply watching TV (particularly bad TV).

The modern gaming experience is often a social one, with games machines in the front room, and multiplayer games everywhere. Nothing quite beats two's up on Burnout, the collaborative modes of some RPG games, or even cheering friends along through the streets of San Andreas.

Beats Emmerdale any day.
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Gaming Addictions post 34
comment by KomKid    Mar 8, 2005
As Game are becoming More Complex many other forms of media have become watered down. Is this a sign ?
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Lets Get Real post 35
comment by virtualRon    Mar 21, 2005
I played Capcom's Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube last night in the dark for about 6 hours non-stop.
Yes I do feel like a zombie today, eyes bleeding, body stiff, and unable to string two words together.
It will pass, and it is a small price to pay for such spectacular piece of entertainment.

What do I gain for them 6 hours lost sleep, nothing?

Nothing except a wonderful unforgettable experience rather like a good holiday, (Except one where I was fighting hordes of zombies and some gigantic monsters)

An experience especially designed and tailored for maximum effect by talented, creative, artists, musicians, programmers and mathematicians whose minds have combined to create something highly entertaining rather like playing the lead in a big budget horror movie.

Not all games are this good, in my opinion such games are created only once every couple of years and therefore I don't need to play all the trash, and there is a lot of it.

As an adult, I realise now that these games are dangerous. I will play like this once or twice a year and I do feel the effects.

But kids wont have the self control to take them selves away,

They wont develop social skills by going to go see their friends or to go play football etc

They wont be inclined to make time to find the enjoyment in learning about science, or learning to draw, paint or learn an instrument or write stories
(The very skills that are needed to develop these games - the death of games caused by games? maybe not)

The parents will think its brilliant because the kids are quite and they don't have to take them on days out. The parent them selves don't have to interact with the kids or show them what's in the wider world.

Oops this turned into a bit of an essay Ill finish now.

We, know the truth, some of these games are great and sometimes unforgettable entertaniment, and one or two may be even inspirational to budding artists programmers and musicaians, but parents should be wary that letting their kids play for extended lengths of time will stunt the kids development resulting in restricted opportunities in later life.

Anyway the parents want a go too.

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WoW worries post 36
comment by TRYATHLETE    Mar 22, 2005
can't see the point myself - I'd rather be out doing something than watching or playing a simulation on the gogglebox. but my boyfriend was up till 2am last night playing his latest computer game. the game was switched on straight after dinner and only paused for toilet and crisp/juice breaks.
odd boy. would be ok if he was'nt verging on 30 !!!
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WoW worries post 37
comment by Daniel Etherington    Mar 23, 2005
hmph. What's wrong with playing games in your thirties? ;-)
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Gaming Guilt? post 38
comment by KingsleyMarshall    Mar 31, 2005
This kind of encapsulates gaming for me...
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Gaming Guilt? post 39
comment by Daniel Etherington    Mar 31, 2005
hehe. Saw that yesterday, I can relate to that.
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