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17th September 2014
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liverpool biennial 04
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Scouse Spouse or O No it's Yoko post 1
comment by Christian Bodart    Sep 27, 2004
Thank you for omitting any mention of that Japanese wife that's been putting her abysmal artistic efforts all over Liverpool. Lennon and his mum must be turning in his grave.

It's always amazed that she's been taken seriously by anyone at all, she's so annoying that even pacifist John used to beat her regularly. Why does anyone put up with it/her, I mean at least Courtney Love, as bad a singer as Yoko, can actually act? What can Yoko do besides take naked photos of people (which has only ever been art when those photos have had features such as composition and depth)?

Maybe Hilary should get Bill shot and then she'd be sure to be the first female US president...

anyway I guess the photo of a tit hanging from my favourite bombed out church sums her up well, because she is one.

Wish I could rememeber the nearly amusing grafitti it provoked to be written underneath it, though I don't approve of graffiti especially when it's neither funny nor beautiful.

"My mummy was beautiful", Yoko's dull effort of artistry is now overshadowing the many unique and interesting (and the occasional great) art shows (few of which make it into the national press) that are a part of the bienniel so if it puts you off, don't let it, or if you've had an anaesthetic brain embolism and think Yoko cuts the wasabi make sure you visit some of the other stuff on the biennel list, maybe it'll revive your ailing soul or at least show you that art has moved on since the nude (not that Yoko's work is a patch on Francois Boucher or you're average greek statue for that matter).
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Scouse Spouse or O No it's Yoko post 2
comment by flyingtwinkle    Sep 29, 2004
it all sounds so wierd .and i thought art meant beauty
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Scouse Spouse or O No it's Yoko post 3
comment by ironstone    Oct 1, 2004
Hi Christian. Though I do find Yoko irritating - she talks a lot of nonsense and everything is 'for John' and she'll bend the truth etc. I quite like some of the things she does, including this. Dismissing her work the way you do is a bit like folks who constantly say 'my 3 yr old could do that'. She comes up with the ideas and sees them through to fruition. Her Mummy is Beautiful section in the Tate where visitors are invited to pin notes with a few thoughts about their Mums is really moving as some of the things people say are so poignant, sad, joyful whatever.
I think it was at the last Biennial that she had a tree that people could write messages of peace onto labels and tie them to the branches like leaves, it was really popular esp. with youngsters, not because it was yoko but because of the fun and interactivity and again reading some moving messages. (there's a theme going on here methinks).
Ian Jackson (the biennial blogger)
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Scouse Spouse or O No it's Yoko post 4
comment by Christian Bodart    Oct 1, 2004
Point taken, though some of her ideas I think a 6 year old could do better and most of them any adult could do (i.e. it's her fame and celebrity not her brain and calibre that generate any 'resonance' found in her commonplace and unremarkable art and ideas). That's not to say that it can't resonate and affect people just to say that it's lacklustre and trite (like Hirst and so many other contemporary artists I guess) whislt it does so.
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Scouse Spouse or O No it's Yoko post 5
comment by princessmarilyn    Dec 2, 2004
i loved the 'my mummy was beautiful' piece! it was so nice to see children, adults, tourists, non art fans and my friends write their own personal comments and be involved with the piece! it was an emotional time for alot of people including myself and it made people stop and think of what their mum has done for them. i read a few which were very negative and some which were memorial and it seemed like therapy for some. it made me stop, think, read, respond and cry. i understand it's not everyone's taste and some people don't like Yoko but in my opinion this piece was inspiring and interactive.
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Scouse Spouse or O No it's Yoko post 6
comment by ladymidnight    Dec 3, 2004
Mmm, this lady turns herself round and round trading on her acquired fame and vast fortune.

'Imagine no possessions' must have been hard when you'd just bought a real gold embellished mummy case and had dozens of furs in cold store...

However (being a true Libra) I can say, some of her 60's performances had real quality, when she was with the Fluxus group. Particularly the event where she sat in front of an audience and invited them to cut off her clothes. She was at this point 'young and exotic' and it makes compulsive watching. Subtly indicating the male stereotypical response to a passive, but pretty, girl.

I'd better go - I feel a feminisn rant coming on..I'll change the beds and that will redress the balance....

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