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6th May 2015
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beck's futures 2004, ica
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Let´s talk about post 1
comment by claudiaw    Mar 26, 2004
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Let´s talk about post 2
comment by weegie     Mar 26, 2004
yes, claudiaw, lets talk about it.

so have you picked a winner? i rather like tonico lemos auad's fluff animals they look kinda fun!

saskia olde wolbers films look incredibly crafted, what's the 'story' like, row?

i like the idea of susan philipsz piece - again it sounds kinda fun - reminds me of david sherry (a becks future nominee)'s latest piece at the gallery of modern art in glasgow - where he hung around shops that were just about to close to see what happens - it was funny!

but as to who is going to win? ... who knows!

just to respond to a couple of things row wrote in her review ...

"Out of the prize’s five-year history, which has showcased over 50 people, it’s hard to spot many, besides David Shrigley and Francis Upritchard (featured in Saatchi’s current New Blood exhibition), who’ve really managed to capitalise on being included."

david sherry, roddy buchanan, jim lambie, rosalind nashashibi, toby paterson... just because they haven't had high-profile shows in london doesn't mean they haven't capitalised on their inclusion... this year i've seen shows from jim lambie (the current exhibtion at the cca, plus he represented scotland at the venice beinnale); the afore mentioned david sherry at goma; toby paterson and i think roddy's been exhibiting in japan.

as for worrying about 7 out of the 10 being london-based... don't worry, glasgow's just havin' a rest year - after all, what is it? 4 out of the last 5 winners (goodness! its only been going on for 5 years!) ... have all been glasgow based artists!

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Let´s talk about post 3
comment by rowan    Mar 29, 2004
I thought the carpet fluff pieces were great too. They're very slight and subtle, but manage to say quite a lot in a way, while remaining jokey and entertaining. They're like pets made from throw away stuff. I'd be happy if they won.

The Saskia Olde Wolbers film was intriguing and very dream like. It's narrated by this man in a comma who talks about how he posed as a surgeon but also there's a love story aspect as well. The images and narration aren't directly linked, but it lingered in my mind for a while.

Point taken about people not having London shows, and I wasn't necessarily looking for people who've been high profile, but what defines those people over all the other people who've had shows in the same time period. Does it bring out the best, or if it just a snap shot?

I also wouldn't want to imply that Glasgow doesn't have a fantastic art scene, or that there aren't other hot spots around the country. It's not entirely a bad thing that lots of art's in one or two places in the country, but is a good thing that most of it's produced in one or two places?
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Let´s talk about post 4
comment by weegie     Mar 29, 2004
"It's narrated by this man in a comma "

hee hee <biggrin>... quite an interesting philosophical point - have you ever read jeff noon's automated alice? ...

i guess you've got to ask what's the point of any of these prizes - i see another one got doled out yesterday:

i don't know, it probably isn't a good thing to have one or two concentrated artistic bubbles. although given the size of the art community, isn't it inevitable?

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Let´s talk about post 5
comment by rowan    Apr 1, 2004
I think that prizes do generally bring attention to people/things that wouldn't normally get such attention. The thing about Becks is that it gets huge publicity, possibly because they give so much money (£65000 in total), but I question whether that's in proportion to the scale of the show. I don't want to run it down, it's just that I think it's viewed in a light that doesn't really help a viewers' appreciation of the actual work.

It's a good point that the art world here's pretty small really and so spreading it out across the country would dilute it. I love the fact that there's a vibrant art scene in London but I know that when I lived in Devon I really wanted that and it wasn't there.
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