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31st July 2015
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The Magical Short Stuff post 1
comment by sunsetbeach    Feb 11, 2008
Collective's closing has made me think. The thought it's made me think is that I should take a blogging sabbatical. Probably a short one.

Not just the blogging, I should spend a bit less time online in general, do more of other things. Not more gaming though I'll still be doing lots of that of course. Just more other stuff.

Thinking perhaps. Maybe some staring. Perhaps even some writing again. That kind of thing. I'll give it a go and see how it works out.

It's a magical world.
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The Magical Short Stuff post 2
comment by fingerchimp    Feb 12, 2008
how does sunsetbeach make a living? one of the great mysteries of collective. ive often wondered but never asked, partly because it's rude to pry for information which is not willingly offered, but also because i like to guess and not know.

lets look at what we know about sunsetbeach

1) he lives in the same apartment block as premiership footballers
2) he writes
3) he makes an existentialist blog called little jean-luc
4) he has a beard
5) he writes.

now let us surmise..

1) he had a short but lucrative career in the adult film market and invested shrewdly.
2) he invented the internet.
3) little jean-luc is big in japan.
4) he patented the beard.
5) he writes bestselling romantic novels under a nom de plume.
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The Magical Short Stuff post 3
comment by Medibot    Feb 14, 2008
Oh god. I could cope with Collective going when it was dead but there are so many old faces back that I think I may cry. Is grieving for a website a new cultural phenomenon?

And sunset, please keep up the blogs. Let us know where. :D

Fingerchimp, I'd say sunset is old money and therefore doesn't have to work. That or your option 1.
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The Magical Short Stuff post 4
comment by sunsetbeach    Feb 15, 2008
Will do, Medi. When I pick up the blog again its BBC home will be here:

As it is my plan to take a step back has already paid big dividends! I had an idea a couple of days ago. It's turned into a noir photocomic called Under Grey Skies. Here it is:

It is my new thing.
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