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13th July 2014
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just got the getaway post 1
comment by Alastair Lee editor    Dec 23, 2002
Just got the Getaway yesterday, i'm new to gaming really so found it pretty hard, and obviously super violent, and amusingly corny in a Lock Stock kinda way (when you shoot someone you call them a f******g muppet), but now i just want to go home and have another go! Got to torch the Republic Bar on Frith street tonight... otherwise my kid gets it... know what ah mean.
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just got the getaway post 2
comment by rowan    Dec 23, 2002
I got it yesteday aswell. So far I think it's pretty good and like the lack of screen info, although it does make things harder. It is pretty stereotypes, but entertaining so and I think the graphics are great and even the music's pretty good, which is a rare thing in games. Anyway - did you manage to torch Republic? It was quite a hard one that.

I also think that having a pretty good knowledge of London helps, but adds loads of novelty valkue. the attention to detail's great, my flats in the game andapart from the lighting on the building it's pretty true to life. They even have the right cash points opposite, 2 natwest and 1 lloyds...
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just got the getaway post 3
comment by Frankie Roberto    Dec 23, 2002
That's cool your flat being in it. Does the game stretch as far as Islington?
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just got the getaway post 4
comment by rowan    Dec 26, 2002
Well it goes up Pentonville Road and down the City Road and has Roseberry Ave in it aswell. Angel's just about in it but I can't remember whether it actually has Upper St or Islington high St in it. Although nearly all the major roads in central London are in it, it has cheated with most of the smaller roads outside Soho (which is pretty accurate) as they're just not there or are boarded up. So far I'm quite enjoying it but it's not a revolutionary game in my opinion, if it was set somewhere else I'm not sure I'd find it so entertaining.
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just got the getaway post 5
comment by VJ Tinny    Dec 27, 2002
Wellll....... my girlfriend bought me Da Getaway for christmas, but I couldn't play it till the alcohol wore off (2am last night)....
First impressions were; F*****' amazing graphics, texture mapping and great attention to detail.
The realism of the gamplay dragged me into the character almost! I stood up against one geezer with no energy! Firing away John Woo stylie, I screamed at the screen 'Arghhhh!!!', while he shot back at me with a shotgun... Luckily I grit my teeth through it and survived. The detail and the 'lack of icons on the screen' involve you more with the character and add a little more tension than usual...
On the down side, I'm gettin' pi**ed off with the vehicle controls!! They just spin-out at the slightest thing! Grrr...
Anyway, I'll give it a few more hours, but I've a funny feeling that I'm gonna complete it pretty quick. sadface

Bring it on you muppet!! biggrin
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just got the getaway post 6
comment by rowan    Dec 28, 2002
I'm glad it's not just me with the cars... it does get easier to handle them but still they're hard to control when they've been bashed. I think that we've nearly finished the Mark Hammond stage and it's taken a few days. We seem to hav been on the boat stage for ages...
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just got the getaway post 7
comment by VJ Tinny    Jan 2, 2003
Well, I must say the vehicles do get easier to control after a while, but not by much....
Aside from the car control, the camera is pretty wild aswell when in close conditions such as houses or Charle Jolson's mansion...but....

...don't be put off by this, and certainly don't expect it to be like Vice City, cuz it ain't.... It's a completly differn't kinda game with better graphics, a driving storyline with alot more grit...

I love both games, so don't choose...get both!! winkeye
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just got the getaway post 8
comment by Alastair Lee editor    Jan 3, 2003
here here.

have some ah that!!!
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just got the getaway post 9
comment by rowan    Jan 3, 2003
We've finished the getaway now and you get a special car that's much better to drive in free roam when you do.
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just got the getaway post 10
comment by VJ Tinny    Jan 6, 2003
Yep, I hear ya... That drag car is pretty fast for shooting around London in!
I'm just wondering how long the game will keep it's allure now all the missions are done...
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just got the getaway post 11
comment by rowan    Jan 6, 2003
didn't last very long for me I'm afraid. Perhaps I know central london too well so I felt that when I'd seen where I live, Traffy Sq and Oxford St I sort of knew what it all looked like. Anyway, I went to Victoria in it and it's not there!

I do keep having these moments where travelling round london is a bit surreal - like hyde park corner by bus yeaterday afternoon...
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