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4th August 2015
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broken social scene session
broken social scene session
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Friends of the maple leaf unite.

“I think there’s maybe too much focus on Canada. I mean, there are 15 bands you can hold up as great. But it’s funny how Canada becomes like a city – the ‘Canadian’ sound,” says Kevin Drew, ad hoc leader of Broken Social Scene.

For the past 18 months, the sons and daughters of the maple leaf have been a useful and voluble alt rock presence, as The Unicorns (Vancouver), The Dears and Arcade Fire (both Montreal) have all dropped magical, inventive albums. Broken Social Scene, though, got there first. Hailing from a ragbag Toronto scene, their stellar second album, You Forgot It In People, was a high-watermark, a dreamy rush of sentiment and excitement.

Their third, eponymous album is similarly expansive in both sound and construction. In addition to the core group it features part-time members, Stars and Feist. Says Kevin, “There’s some that shouldn’t even be credited but… They were in the studio and you could hear them at one point, and then the mix changed… or they were supposed to sing on another song… But they’re all our friends and were there when it went down.”

The maximalist production belies the quality of the songs; you could happily play 7/4 Shoreline on an acoustic guitar, it’s pop with knobs on. As trumpeter Charles Spearin has it, it’s “add on the mess, add on the mess and then sort it out later. Although we never really ended up sorting it out”.

James Cowdery 19 January 05
Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene, released 30 January 06 on City Slang.
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BrokenSocial Scene post 6
comment by itsahit    Feb 24, 2006
thats a shame, cos for me they were better than on record, which is really saying something! also the live session on here isn't that great either i think, so maybe they are a bit hit and miss, its an ambitious sound that they have!
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BrokenSocial Scene post 5
comment by Spinky    Feb 20, 2006
I've seen a couple of reviews of the Astoria gig, each saying they were great - maybe Brum was just an off night. I definitely wasn't the only unimpressed person there (there was a little heckling & widespread chatting). Personally I didn't think they were a tight enough band to attempt the "epic" sound they were clearly aiming for, everything came across as a bit muddy. I'd see 'em again if the next album's as good as the last one, but I was disappointed by the night (I think the albums are pretty good).
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BrokenSocial Scene post 4
comment by itsahit    Feb 20, 2006
yea, again they played a 2 hour set at the astoria but they kept up the intensity throughout... it just seemed to me that they were really enjoying themselves, a band thats just really happy people want to come and see them play. It made a welcome change from the 'attitude' that a lot bands have. I think i speak for most of the audience when i say i was enraptured for the entire set.
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BrokenSocial Scene post 3
comment by Spinky    Feb 19, 2006
Really? I saw them in Birmingham and they were fairly dull - nowhere near as good as on record. Didn't really hold the audiences attention at all. They only really got going in the last half hour - bit of a problem if you're going to play a 2 hour set.
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BrokenSocial Scene post 2
comment by itsahit    Feb 19, 2006
saw them last week at the astoria, even better live than on record, just an absolutely magical, intense and strangely euphoric performance. Probably the best gig i've seen, maybe ever...
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BrokenSocial Scene post 1
comment by bullyinc    Feb 17, 2006
Great great band .. must see band .. YFIP is
best album in last ten years .. takes a few listens but then BAM you are hooked.

Self titled album is very good too ..

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