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23rd September 2014
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the loch ness dog
webslinky: paranormal ezines
This week, the other side.

The golden age of the paranormal, it seems, might be over. There was a time when a TV or a tabloid newspaper on a particularly slow week might dedicate its front page to a haunting or a UFO sighting. Now, of course, weíre far too astute/cynical (delete as applicable) to fall for such follies, leaving only the internet as the place to try and explore/explain away the seemingly unexplainable. Naturally, the web truly is crawling with freaks with theories galore, but there are a few that donít get served their supper with plastic cutlery, and here are some of them.

Zerotime is a regularly updated ezine that takes a broad interest in the unexplained. Of particular interest is a short piece about The Thermodynamics Of Hell, though the more general reader will take pleasure in recent photos of UFOs released by the Mexican Air Force.

Psychic-Tymes is a little more homely, with encouraging articles on how to develop your abilities as a medium. Articles on Wiccan candle magic and Pagan parenting issues reveal that Psychic-Tymes has as much in common with Good Housekeeping as the dark arts.

X-Project has an interesting section on cryptozoology which is the study of creatures that might or might not exist. Our own Loch Ness monster (now sadly languishing, near forgotten, at the bottom of deep cold waters in Scotland) gets a mention as do elves, phantom dogs, Sasquatch and the Jersey Devil.

Jís Paranormal Ponderings is an interesting take on the whole paranormal thing, as your host, J, is a gentleman of Christian origin rather than the largely pagan/faux Satanic/heavy metal folk that mostly run these mags. J even has a psychic advisor called Stephen.

Finally, Fortean Times is a well established magazine and the online version is bristling with new stories. Of course, Forteans arenít just interested in the paranormal, more the plain bizarre, but the two camps meet on a regular basis. Which is where the best stories are found.

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