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31st March 2015
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Boom Bip - Blue Eyed in the Red Room
by: digitalbul1et  04 february 05
rating: rating of 4 and 1/2

Bada Boom!
Never heard of him before this album so I did a bit of digging and found out the bloke is signed to the Lex label, linked to Warp here in the UK and therefore a label likely not to sign traditional hip hop artists. The trail led me to his debut album with Doseone from everyone's favourite indie hiphop group Clouddead, and it's as messy as you would imagine. With Doseone firing of his usual wide array of verbal barrages Boom Bip pulls together all sorts of sounds like a particularly enthusiastic colour blind Lego fan. And when I mean all sorts I really mean all sorts; this is a proper mishmash of glorious sounds.

Having had his latest LP, Blue Eyed In The Red Room, on heavy repeat I can univocally say the guy definitely can stand up on his own without the need to have a heavyweight MC backing him up. But then this is not a hip-hop album and nor is it a sample heavy work of the ilk RJD2 or DJ Shadow have made their own. Rather it's a lovely collection of downbeat instrumentals that are so swoon-worthy that they could rock a rabid dog to sleep. It is beautiful dope music but not woozy, in fact even from the first track Cimple it has crystal clear keyboards playing a simple ditty whilst a hypnotic loop runs in the background. Do's & Don'ts picks up the pace as well as providing the first of two great vocal contributions with the distinctive Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals continuously chanting over an almost Egyptian sounding musical collage. The pace of the music actually changes half way through, almost turning the song into two distinct pieces of music. Girl Toy really does amply demonstrates that Boom Bip does not need superstars to make beautiful songs and this is a luscious piece of wimsy starting ever so delicately and then slowly building in layers until you're gently floating along with it. Dumb Day makes interesting use of snare drums whilst Eyelashings starts of with an aggressive baseline before launching itself in the clouds again with beautiful tinkly pianos. This minimalist theme continues with Soft and Open and One Eye Round The Warm Corner is the least electronica sounding song on the whole album; just an acoustic guitar and a few strings. Lovely. The Matter closes the album with dreamy vocals from Nina Nastasia who sounds kind of like Hope Sandoval. A simple lulling drone is conjured by Boom Bip and allows Nina to gently croon "I don't believe in the power of love, I don't believe in the wisdom of stars" to a fitting and beautiful conclusion. Essential. (Review taken from which I wrote).
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