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22nd December 2014
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and you will know us by the trail of dead interview
...and you will know us by the trail of dead interview

Warning: film clips contain explicit language.


Warning: tracks contain explicit language.

watch festival footage with ...trail of dead playing live

Warning: film contains explicit language.

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The Texan rockers add melody to the mayhem.

“I think everyone’s inside their chalets having sex. They’re keeping their orgies to themselves, trying to hide the party.” Dumped unceremoniously in a Sussex holiday camp to play All Tomorrows' Parties, Texans Conrad Keely and Jason Reece are bleary and jet-lagged, yet still eager to ascertain the whereabouts of “the f**king party”.

In between rousing recitations of the Gospel According To St. John (3:16 if you’re interested) and general pissing around, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are ready to discuss their latest album, Worlds Apart. Sort of. Groggy with a transatlantic hangover, Conrad lists his influences for this record as “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar, early Genesis” and “bodily fluids, intestinal rebirth”.

Beginning with a Carmina Burana-style overture, Ode To Isis, Worlds Apart pitches through a dozen tracks of signature heavy, heavy rock, this time adding melody to the mayhem. “We really had to start from scratch. We didn’t have anything written beforehand, whereas the previous albums – we’d been playing those songs live before we went into the studio.”

Riddled with idiosyncrasies, it features odd time signatures, two drummers and a guest spot from classical violinist Hilary Hahn on Russia My Homeland. And which other band accompanies their album with a breakdown of the western musical canon running to a few thousand words? Yes, it’s howlingly pretentious but it’s also admirably distinct from the frat-boy nu-metal which currently passes for US rock. As the title track opines, “It’s so f**ked these days we don’t know who to hate and who to praise.”

Several hours later, the band play a riotous set, climax in an equipment-trashing display that very nearly ends our cameraman. Ladies and gentlemen, saddle up with the horsemen of the rock apocalypse.

James Cowdery 21 January 05
...And You Will Knows Us By The Trail Of Dead - Worlds Apart, released 24 January 05 on Interscope.
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