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22nd August 2014
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badass - part three
by: copper_top  19 february 08
badass - the final adventure

part three - badass falls

“Has anyone seen Pumella?” Cops had finished installing the new engine, it had slotted into place with effortless ease, and the test firing had worked perfectly, running so smoothly that it was almost impossible to tell it was on. Now she wanted to try a real flight, once she was sure everyone was aboard.

The door opened and in walked the missing cat. In her pocket she was holding the Badass card Croczilla had given her. Damn, she thought, why did they have to go and make her a member.

Ash smiled and waved his clipboard to attract Pumella’s attention. “As I was telling the others, Badass Command has been forging exciting new alliances with the FazeBookers, M-Space and the FlikZars.”

Morgana cast a doubtful look the way of Croczilla and the crocodile, who also had his own concerns, spoke out. “I’m not convinced that we need them involved at all. We’re in the best position to tackle the demons. WIth all this focus on alliances, isn’t there a danger that we are going to be overlooked?”

“Not at all,” Ash assured them. “Badass Battle Command is as fully committed to you as ever. We see forming these new allegiances as vital to strengthening our organisation and the support we can give you.” He consulted his clipboard. “Let us see. John wants us to ramp up your psionic detectors to help you in your search for Josh; Croczilla, you have requested a complete refit of this ship so it is ready for the challenges ahead; Morgana and Kin-Evil have both asked for the latest in weapons technology; Cops has her new engine and we are developing an improved model.” He looked up from his notes and turned to the cat. “And Pumella, what is on your wish list?”

The cat caught him in a steely glare. “What I want to know is exactly why you are here.” She turned to the penguin. “John, I’ve noticed something strange ever since I came back in. Things are slowing down.”

The psychic penguin look as if he had received a jolt. “I had been feeling an odd sensation, but I had not been able to pinpoint what it was. Now that you say that, indeed, I believe you are right.” He closed his eyes and as he concentrated the true picture suddenly snapped into place. “That engine Cops installed has a hidden component, a stasis machine.”

Pumella, sensing danger, sprang to one side but her reflexes had been slowed and the blast Ash had fired caught her on one side. She fell heavily on the floor and felt a searing pain in her side. Kin-Evil and Morgana looked confused. They had their weapons drawn, but were unsure whether they should target the hamster.

The penguin answered their questioning looks. “Battle Command aren’t going to upgrade us, they’re shutting us down.”

Ash fired again, straight at Pumella, and she took the full force of the blast. The stasis machine was now fully into gear and everything was slowing perceptively down, except for Ash, who was wearing a protective device that shielded him from its effects.

“Never trust a hamster in a suit,” snarled Pumella, pulling herself to her feet.

Morgana and Kin-Evil were slowed, but that still made them a formidable force. Morgana released a volley of arrows, the final one piercing the hamster’s trailing foot, pinning him down, and the weevil delivered the coup de grace.

Come on, Pumella, the cat told herself, wincing with the pain. This is bad but it is not a career-threatening injury. There had to be a reason why Ash had singled her out and she believed she knew what it was. She gripped the hilt of El Ethrean and it came to life in her paws. She twisted the blade ahead of her and it cut a path for her through the field the machine was generating.

The others had all been been brought to a halt, immobilised and frozen where they stood, and she was finding it difficult to move despite the help of the blade. She had to get to the source of the field and destroy it.

“Forget the stasis machine.” She felt the penguin in her mind, reading her thoughts. “There is not enough time. Use the blade to escape then find Josh.”


Pumella took a last look at the pub. She had only been a member of the team a short while, but it had felt like a home to her. Now it was sealed off forever. No way in. No way out. But she would find a way. Somehow. She must.

She ignited the engine of her mono-seater rocket and lifted off from the surface of the tiny rock. There was only one place to head for and she would have to do it alone.

“This is Pumella,” she said “last survivor of Badass, signing out.”

the end
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