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22nd December 2014
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city of thamesis
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In the city.

There's a great tradition in fiction of providing alternate reality versions of worlds we know. In Britain, the likes of Orwell's 1984 and Alan Moore's V For Vendetta have satirised and critiqued our society with warped parallels. City Of Thamesis joins this sub-genre, but does so through a series of short online Flash episodes, backed by a website that provides a thorough background.

The world of Thamesis is one where Britain (Albion) is run by a powerful corporation which has developed "psychotronic technology" that augments natural human abilities. Psychotronics equate to our computing, communications and arms technologies, but also to drugs, and have resulted in a plague. Into this mess steps a new king.

The first six episodes of Thamesis feel very much like a prologue to something bigger, wider and more elaborate, involving potentially more interactivity, even some of the aspects of ARG. It's proof that with a domain, Flash and a small team you can start to create an intriguing fictional scenario with a deceptive sense of grandeur. Bring on the follow-up series.

Daniel Etherington 13 September 07 rating of 3
Watch episodes of City Of Thamesis at
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Thamesis... post 4
comment by sirbobwallett    Sep 17, 2007
Just incase you're interested, there's a new Anime channel on Sky digital. Channel 199.
Its advertising Ghost in the Shell SAC, Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach and some more that I can't spell from memory
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Thamesis... post 3
comment by rowan    Sep 14, 2007
The video's not great quality here you're right, sorry, but I figured it's good to give a taster - the real thing's only a click anyway.
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Thamesis... post 2
comment by DoeEyedCabbage    Sep 14, 2007
I have to agree, not the best quality. I actually came across this on Newgrounds...didn't know they had an official site.
This actually remind me of a series called Broken Saints, what with that sort of sliding style of animation. But it's a little more sci-fi. That Malkom guy is creepy tho...brrrr
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Thamesis... post 1
comment by Quozza    Sep 14, 2007
Fits well with the Comic stuff going on BBC4!

The video isn't great quality here - but looks fantastic on the official site - amazing work whoever did it - more please...
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