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28th December 2014
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lcd soundsystem 'sound of silver' lcd soundystem
sound of silver
Precious metal.

Having described the first LCD Soundsystem album as “beige, woody and earthy”, James Murphy said he wanted its follow-up to sound silver. One foil-covered studio later and we have a contender for 2007’s most exciting LP. Less a reinvention of the Murphy and Goldsworthy sound than its thrilling consolidation, Sound Of Silver throws Bowie-esque shapes over rattling percussion, splintered guitars and mutated Moroder basslines. From the sparingly deployed Italo-house piano chords of the title track to All My Friends’ pitch-perfect fusion of euphoria and sorrow, this is music that hits the head, heart and hips all at once.

Chris Power 08 March 07 rating of 4 and 1/2
LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver, released 12 March 07 on EMI.
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Should be five! post 11
comment by Gillyskin    May 29, 2007
From the moment of seeing them perform on 'Later with Jools...' I have been hooked to their basic but emotive lyrics and tunes. Play this album to the end and all the way back again! It has re-lighted my love of music that has been gone since I lost touch with CUD!
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Should be five! post 10
comment by poshfrontrowjon    Mar 29, 2007
the remix of the whole album is amazing from
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Should be five! post 9
comment by vincent_roccoforte    Mar 23, 2007
i've given it a few listens. the highlights certainly outweigh the lowlights. not enough though to give it the full five hits. not as good as their debut.
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Should be five! post 8
comment by darlingretro    Mar 23, 2007
I think it's great, really hypnotic. My only problem with it is that some songs do go on for a little bit longer than neccessary and thus get monotonus...

L x
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Kraftwerk? post 7
comment by martyc    Mar 21, 2007
Sh*ts all over Just Jack and Hot Chip. Excellent...
..album of the year so far??
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Kraftwerk? post 6
comment by dr_carruthers    Mar 20, 2007
Is it only me, or the bassline in the begining of 'Get Innocuous' resembles Kraftwerk's 'The Robots'?

Pretty good album!
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stunningly good post 5
comment by languagegames    Mar 17, 2007
the track is called 45:33 and is funny but not really my (or LCD) style. The idea is interesting a lp-long track, but in the end it does not really work.
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stunningly good post 4
comment by pauliesoco    Mar 16, 2007
It is pretty good, and i am a big fan but the track 'sound of silver' is awful, the lyrics are up there with some of the worst ever...anyone got the track James did for Nike? what's it like?
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stunningly good post 3
comment by Jakeo    Mar 16, 2007
This is the album of 2007 so far. Buy it. Buy it hard!
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not brilliant but different post 2
comment by knittedheed    Mar 8, 2007
catchy a bit white stripes??
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