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3rd June 2015
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arcade fire 'neon bible' arcade fire
neon bible
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The new testament.

Its lyrics shot through with prophecies and fears, from “Not much chance for survival” to “World War III, when are you coming for me?”, Neon Bible is intensely concerned with uncertainty and anger. The Springsteen tribute Antichrist Television Blues is even scattered, like so much debris, with 9/11 imagery. Amid all the doom, however, a song like Keep The Car Running manages to be both a paranoiac’s nightmare and an infectiously joyous noise, showcasing Arcade Fire’s ability to make an uplifting ritual of grief and angst. There are missteps – particularly the laborious dud, My Body Is A Cage – and the production is sometimes frustratingly muddy, but Neon Bible very nearly delivers on impossible expectations.

Chris Power 01 March 07 rating of 4
Arcade Fire – Neon Bible, released 05 March 07 on Sonovox.
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Neon Bible post 27
comment by SPURIOUS_MORALITY    Mar 28, 2007
I don't hear anything Springsteen-like on "Neon Bible", so perhaps I have been given the wrong album. It certainly has aspects of prog-rock, and gothic, but I still think it's marvellous.
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Neon Bible post 26
comment by Spinky    Mar 28, 2007
I think "all-time classic" is going a bit far, given it's only been out for a month or so, but it's a decent album, and well worth a tenner. Wouldn't say it's that much better than the last Broken Social Scene one though - I listened to that loads when I got it, but drifted away from it after a month or so.

I predict Neon Bible is going to be a "get out every couple of years and listen to the whole thing at once" album - like "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" or "Blueberry Boat".

When's the new Animal Collective album due out?

(Arcade Fire related aside : Just ordered the Final Fantasy album the other day, as the price has dropped sufficiently - I bet Owen Pallett gets a cease and desist for that name soon...)
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Neon Bible post 25
comment by microclimate    Mar 28, 2007
or have you been given the wrong cd?
I was thinking about the Springsteen-ness aspects of it, and the muddy production. I can't think of anything about this album which is "new". I do, as it happens, own it myself.
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Neon Bible post 24
comment by SPURIOUS_MORALITY    Mar 28, 2007
Ha ha ha! Have these people who say it's middle of the road and bland bought a different album to me?
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Neon Bible post 23
comment by microclimate    Mar 28, 2007
"All those who say it's overrated will regret their words in the future when it's regarded as an all-time classic."
I certainly won't... "all time classics" are mostly boring, middle of the road stuff like... well, like Neon Bible. Wecome, Arcade Fire, to the club that includes Oasis, and a host of ageing rockers. Welcome.
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Neon Bible post 22
comment by juan pedro carlos    Mar 28, 2007
I've listened to it a few times now, mainly due to the hype it has recieved on this very website. I have to say I found it pretty dull, and yes, highly over-rated, certainly not a bad album, but not the masterpiece most people here seem to think it is. In years to come I will not regret these words, but, if, as you predict S_M; It is regarded as an all time classic - I may regret not taking my life right now....
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Neon Bible post 21
comment by SPURIOUS_MORALITY    Mar 28, 2007
I bought this album on Monday. F**k me, it's fantastic! Listening to it I feel as though I've rediscovered a lost faith. All those who say it's overrated will regret their words in the future when it's regarded as an all-time classic. I can't emphasise how much I like this album: it's a remarkably intense and beautiful record. Become a believer and go out and buy it now!
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Neon Bible post 20
comment by vincent_roccoforte    Mar 20, 2007
i think a lot of people are blinkered by the majesty of funeral, forcing themselves to gush over neon bible as though it's the saviour of music - the nme have that base covered. i think with the arcade fire you get out what you put in. i listened to funeral non-stop when i first got it, and still return to it occasionally - i think it's brilliant. i heard black mirror and began thinking how brilliant the next album would be. however, there was nothing about that was as good as funeral back then. but after feasting on a diet of brilliant 3 minute pop songs for the last year i'm finding it just too difficult to get into. there's just too much other music about i'd rather be listening to at the moment. in parts it's as brilliant as funeral but ultimately i don't think they've lived up to the near impossible expectations people have placed upon them.
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Neon Bible post 19
comment by CraigThePenguin    Mar 19, 2007
I was unsure of this on the first few listens, but I think it's definately a grower. It doesn't have the instant grab that Funeral had, but few albums do, to be honest.

I love the church organ on "Intervention", and I do agree it can all get a bit grand at times - though that's not a bad thing.

I'm not sure about it being boring. There's a lot going on in the songs, and I think that's what helps make it a grower - you keep hearing little bits you missed the last time round.
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Neon Bible post 18
comment by dr_carruthers    Mar 18, 2007
I have to agree, they tried to make an important record. I guess it's the effect of all the high expectations that ruined the whole thing. I see them planning 'Neon Bible', sitting in a church, saying: 'hey, they liked Funeral... Let's make another one - just better, bigger, more epic, more heavenly!!'
I liked 'Funeral' because it was so human. 'Neon Bible' turned out the other way. It wants to be something transcendental and stuff. Maybe that's just me... I hope you get what I mean.

And it's a boring record. I can't listen to it as a whole. Sometimes, a song or two. But I rather just put on 'Funeral' instead.
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