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23rd September 2014
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the magic numbers
those the brokes
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Happy clappy.

The hippy folk rockers return, now with a little extra East Coast edge. Recorded in Woodstock, New York, Those The Brokes is a meatier, more soulful listen than last year's surprisingly successful debut. It's still heavy on the harmonies and hummable choruses, of course, and does meander into happy-clappy, round-the-campfire territory too often for those of us with a low saccharine threshold, but the added strings, some promising female-fronted moments and an overall air of melancholy make for a more nourishing whole. A gentle evolution, then.

Si Hawkins 09 November 06 rating of 3
The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes, released 13 November 06 on Heavenly.
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Good, but no more. post 1
comment by greasycaesar    Nov 9, 2006
I cannot comment on this album as I do not own it, however I just can't see the big deal with the magic numbers. I have the debut album and yeah, I like it, it is quite good; but do they really warrant all the hype they have been given.

In fact, I think that Romeo's voice is more of whine, but I can live with that!!
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