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13th July 2014
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green man sessions 06
Nowt so queer as folk.

Where are they all coming from? Techno-buggies, ravers, weavers, seekers and cider-freaks. All flocking in droves to this year’s expanded Green Man festival. You can see the mainstage names, José González, Donovan and Silver Jews, via the sessions above. Also check out weirder highlights, including the body-popping, dayglo Aliens and the sensual sounds of Bat For Lashes, who joined all-comers for three days of folk and beyond in the glorious, if rather damp, splendour of the Welsh mountains.

Lowering the tone, Micah P Hinson entreats the thousand-strong crowd to heckle him using an ancient profanity, after mistakenly cursing the “English” weather gods. We have exclusive acoustic sessions from the penitent Texan, as well as anachronistic minstrels Circulus, who wandered the site playing lutes and crumhorns, mischievously knocking each other's hats off. My, the Dark Ages must have just flown by.

James Cowdery 24 August 06
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Music post 10
comment by guthrum    Sep 15, 2006
Londoner. There is a wonderful world outside of the M25, one of regional diversity, difference and tradition. I don't seek to complain, only to convey my surprise that the booze didn't reflect the integrity of the music. It's as if macdonalds had provided the only food at the festival. Do you not see that? (Sorry to go on).
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Music post 9
comment by londoner    Sep 8, 2006
give em a break jeez, they can't cover all the bands and i think they got a pretty good selection of bands. who wouldn't wanna see bat for lashes after all? i don't think any of the comments about marketing execs and the bbc are fair or accurate. sites like this, plus lots of bbc radio shows, are pushing the musical boundaries and playing/covering interesting stuff, it's only on tv that music coverage struggles. that's the problem with folkies - always grumbling about something.

ps. music and atmosphere at green man festival was amazing; if you're that bothered about the beer then go to a beer festival!
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Music post 8
comment by BoogerRed    Sep 7, 2006
What a great Greenman this year! Highlighs for me included John Renbourn, Voice Of The Seven Woods, Tunng, and the stoney San Fransiscans, The Skygreen Leopards! I had never heard the Leopards before, or heard of them to be honest, but they blew me away! The new venue was great too. Long live the Greenman!
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Ale post 7
comment by guthrum    Aug 28, 2006
I had a great time at the Green Man - especially enjoyed Alasdair Roberts and John Renbourn - but my enjoyment would have been immeasurably improved by the inclusion of some decent indigenous beer. Wye Valley Bitter was a poor (and the only) representative of our great brewing heritage; the ciders were a blasphemy to the real thing (the Usk Valley was once famous for its cider orchards- alas, keg ciders and national brands speeded their decline) ; and most lager is mass marketed garbage - the liquid equivalent of Macdonalds. Everything else about the festival seemed so well thought out - I was just surprised there was not more local beer available. Music, beer and the beautiful British countryside are a perfect trinity, enjoyed by the folk of these isles for centuries. Did anyone else feel the thirst for something stronger, richer, and more appropriate?
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Filling in some blanks post 6
comment by James Cowdery    Aug 28, 2006
Hello vanquishedteeth, oldgods et al,

The artists we filmed at Green Man were a cross-section intended to appeal to Collective's users. This goes for all the festivals we cover: Green Man, Truck, All Tomorrow's Parties etc.

I'm sorry you feel disappointed by us covering the 'bigger bands'. Oddly, we were criticised after ATP last year for covering the stranger, more niche acts like The Locust.

I think the footage we got from Bat For Lashes and the exclusives from Circulus and Micah P. Hinson are great. And surely Donovan is worth a quick 20 second look in the package?

That said, if you feel there are acts we should be covering on Collective that we're not, I'm happy to hear about them. Let's have your suggestions and maybe they'll feature in our next session. Good to have your thoughts either way.

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Filling in some blanks post 5
comment by oldgods    Aug 26, 2006
Now I feel bad about the "42 year old" bit.

I take that back. It was a stupid thing to say, but I've worked in media for a while, and there are these men and women who call the shots who are just so totally out of touch with decent music/culture, but desperately try to pass themselves off as something they aren't. Admittedly they can be any age, but there is something desperately sad about them.

So if you're 40 or 70 and you really care about music , that's a wonderful thing, but sadly I don't think the bbc really do.
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Filling in some blanks post 4
comment by skidsimpson    Aug 25, 2006
I agree with oldgods below re John Renbourn, Benjamin Weatherill and Marissa Nadler. The Woodcraft Folk were also good too - it's interesting that the most positive feedback on TGM message board is re the lesser known acts and not the headliners.

There's also footage of Gruff Rhys perfoming in a cave now up on Youtube.

There were loads of other positives from the festival, like the people, atmosphere, food and a wide range of other entertainment.

And while I'm a 44 year old local government worker, I can see that Bat for Lashes are going to be massive. Does this mean I can now get a job in marketing?
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Filling in some blanks post 3
comment by David Jennings    Aug 24, 2006
I'm only 41, and not in marketing, so let me see if I can help.

I enjoyed James Blackshaw's set, possibly more than he did. The mic set-up for his 12-string wasn't working very well: it was difficult to hear him unless you were very near the speakers, and he complained repeatedly about the sound from the monitors. "Thanks for the applause, but it sounds crap up here," I think he said. I've ordered his latest album to hear how he intended it to sound.

Skygreen Leopards were remarkable for playing about seven 'last songs'. After about fifteen minutes they announced, "this will be the last one". Could they possibly have been inhaling something that made 15 minutes feel like an hour? Anyway, the festival staff had a quiet word (like maybe: you're not getting paid unless you play longer??), and they played another last song, and then another, and one of them remembered an old cover version he wanted to do. And so it went on.

Sadly we had to go before Sunburned Hand of the Man were on.
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disapointing post 2
comment by oldgods    Aug 24, 2006

The BBC never stick their necks out anymore. They just follow the pack and bet on the sure things. Nosing around this site, it feels like it's been put together by a 42 year old marketing executive trying to appeal to the kids.

There are supposed to be a few bootlegs going around from TGM. Would recommend Marisa Nadler, Benjamin Wetherill and Renbourn's sets. All stunning.
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disapointing post 1
comment by vanquishedteeth    Aug 24, 2006
Im disappointed that you only seem to have reported on the bigger bands that played there does anyone really need to know how donovan is?, he's been around for like 40 years. I would rather have heard about james blackshaw, the skygreen leopards sunburned hand of the man etc.
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