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29th August 2014
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burial 'burial' burial
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Six feet deep.

For a genre barely out of nappies, dubstep is already spiralling off in an incredible number of directions. At one end of the scale you have the raw jump-up of Skream, and at the other, Burial, whose dusty, static-crackled debut album is as stylistically informed by modern dub experimentalists such as Pole as it is by Kode9 et al. Shot through with a hazy, seductive sense of dread, this is modern headphone music for the heavy of heart and red of eye.

Joe Madden 18 May 06 rating of 4
Burial Burial, released 22 May 06 on Hyperdub.
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Burial post 5
comment by breaker_of_beats    Nov 25, 2007
Just got Untrue today...Where do you start? It's warm, lonely, claustrophobic, liberating, sensual, cold, futuristic, ancient.

I'm a sucker for soundscapes...I love Mogwai, Boards of Canada, GY!BE etc. I've been trying to contextualise this (mainly for my own purposes- how do I understand the work?). Closest I've come is that it's the same lineage as Endtroducing, Selected Ambient Works 2 & Downward Spiral.

It's ghostly 2-step with a sprit guide on the mic as produced by Squarepusher in his Go Plastic days and something else...

It's the 'something else' that defines this album- Burial's production places every individual sound at the right point in the spectrum. Technical issues meet a machine heart- the sound's aged and filtered, the static crackle is as familiar and comforting as an old oil painting.

It couldn't have been released at any other time- few albums have such a steely soul and can tug the heartstrings/feet like Untrue can.

I can't place the brilliance of this. Listen to it.

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Burial post 4
comment by kitcat1488    Nov 25, 2007
just listened to this and it transported far away from the seat at my desk. So many familiar elements crash together to create something so eerie and amazing.

Ive never listened to urban music much and certainly never something linked so strongly with the UK underground but this is a genre crossing oddessy and a sadly underrated album.
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Burial post 3
comment by Minilab    Jan 22, 2007
Images of post apocalyptic cityscape's and wars in space. Depicts the dark side of the human journey and our eventual self destruction. Quite relevant I'd say.

It's not all harsh though, some tracks are riddled with sadness and a yearning of a spiritual kind. "Forgive" and "Night Bus" are two of these. Play this album LOUD and your guaranteed a spine tingling experience.
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Burial post 2
comment by freefall    Jul 29, 2006
all hope for the music industry, thank god, is lost. so it can go back to being music, rather than a product, a commodity, a $
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Burial post 1
comment by Raith_Seinar    Jul 28, 2006
Outstanding. Album of the year in ANY genre. If this isn't in the Mercury top 5 next year, then all hope for the music industry is lost.
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