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1st July 2015
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webslinky: gaming humour
This week, killing time.

Have you ever had one of those days when it feels like it’s you versus the world? That around every corner lurks yet another faceless goon, waiting to spring to life and fill you full of bullets? The feeling that you’ll stop at nothing until you finally get hold of Mr Big, rescue the President’s daughter and ride that speedboat all the way back to Washington? If so, you’re probably playing a generic shooter. Skiploads of them are released every month, fuelling the West’s lust for wasting foreign bad guys, even if they have to do so in terrible video games.

If you’ve never experienced one, this terrific send-up, Generic Shooter 3: Apocalypse Armageddon, does the genre the justice it deserves. It’s a brilliantly observed parody featuring every cliché in the book. Plus, it’s been filmed in a really filthy student house. On the subject of destruction, games blog Pointless Waste Of Time made an amusing plea recently for a more realistic war game (warning: contains some strong language): “I want to… spend two hours pushing across a map to destroy a ‘nuclear missile silo’, only to later find out it was just a missile-themed orphanage.”

Comedian and Comedy Central star Dave Chappelle also mocks the violence in video games with his Grand Theft Auto sketch. Kissing his girlfriend on the cheek, then car-jacking a passing vehicle and wasting the driver with an inappropriately large gun is all in a day’s work for our hero.

A tad more subtle, VG Cats is a game humour site that mixes comic strips with amusing industry news and links. You really have to be a gamer – and sometimes an ageing one at that - to understand the references, but it’s a lot smarter than Penny Arcade, a gaming comic so popular that last year it launched its own expo, bringing 9,000 geeks out of hiding.

If Dueling Analogs held an expo, it would probably be hard pushed to fill a telephone kiosk, but then the site has only been running for a few months. I like it, but we’ll have to wait to see if the public will play along.

Jody Smith 04 May 06
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