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7th March 2015
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webslinky: animal magic
webslinky: animal magic
This week, four legs good.

Animals are great. You can make them guard your home, dress them up as sailors and, because theyíre made of meat, you can even eat them. But letís skip points b and c for now and concentrate on the cuddly factor. Cute Overload scours the web searching for adorable pictures of ickle wickle animals: baby pandas, piglets playing with puppies, kittens wearing sweatbands Ė the works. The website lives up to its name so well that just the sight of it would turn even Satanís heart to mush.

Taking a more sadistic twist, Stuff On My Cat challenges you to balance as many things on your cat as possible, photograph it and send it in. Itís a bit like writing ďponceĒ on your mateís head after heís passed out from drinking too much, except this time youíre doing it to your bewildered cat, so itís twice as wrong. I donít think that any cats were harmed in the making of the site, but Iíd still like to see them try and create

If this is all getting a little bit too cuddly for you, perhaps you should try the Kitten Cannon Ė a game of no skill that lets you blast a kitten as far as possible, until it inevitably ends up impaled on some spikes or gobbled up by a venus fly trap. Donít worry. Itís not very graphic.

Finally, The Fainting Goat is not only a great name for a pub, but itís also one of the finest animals on our dear Earth. On paper, a goat that passes out at the slightest bit of excitement doesnít sound like much, until you see it in action. Watch this video of fainting goats doing what they do best. Itíll knock you out.

Jody Smith 13 April 06
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