Comments for en-gb 30 Wed 22 Oct 2014 01:44:35 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Lloyd Walters I sincerely hope that Mr Lustig never leaves journalism for budgeting at the BBC !!!Speaking with someone at The Hague this evening, Robin Lustig speaking of the mandate of the International Court of Justice said : "..mandate expires at the end of 2010. That is less than two years away".Is he, or anybody else on the programme, aware of how poor his grasp of arithmetic appears to be ??? Wed 23 Jul 2008 21:24:08 GMT+1 evenmorelovely I hate to sound facetious, but most people would regard exclusion from the EU as a reason NOT to grass someone up... Tue 22 Jul 2008 22:06:55 GMT+1 Xie_Ming Is the USA a member of the Court?Has the USA passed legislation authorizing the military retrieval of any US officials arrested by the Court? Tue 22 Jul 2008 15:11:24 GMT+1 threnodio This is cause for great celebration. Firstly, it marks the beginning of a process which may bring some closure for the families of Bosnian Muslims who suffered during these atrocities. Secondly, it appears to mark a new phase in a process whereby the futility of protecting people wanted for war crimes in the region is becoming apparent. Hopefully the arrest of Mladic will follow. Thirdly, it marks the beginning of a coming of age for Serbia and a willingness to face up to her obligations. Finally, it presents an opportunity for the international community to demonstrate it's commitment to deliver justice regardless of the faith or ethnicity of the victims and that Muslims have as much right to justice as anyone else. Mon 21 Jul 2008 22:37:44 GMT+1