Comments for en-gb 30 Wed 02 Sep 2015 03:50:28 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at nineteensixtyseven A very good find! I'm going there to see the Dvorak violin concerto in a few weeks so I'll get a better look at the place. Sun 08 Mar 2009 00:08:40 GMT+1 themanicminer Perhaps your neighbour could agree to you passing on these important artifacts to the Somme Heritage Centre? Then the items would both be protected for posterity and seen by more people, although it seems your neighbour has done very well on both these counts! Fri 06 Mar 2009 18:42:50 GMT+1 Cadazian the Dalai Lama is apparently a fan of Sudeten Creche, maybe they'll play the Ulster Hall, in the city of their birth."...Bless all my comrades in the Ulster Volunteer Force and make me loving and gentle, obedient to my leaders, and faithful to my promises and in thine own good time bring peace to Ireland...."Almost Catholic in tone. Fri 06 Mar 2009 18:04:53 GMT+1 PatrickCorrigan A great find!The re-opening of the Ulster Hall has sparked off loads of great memories - it just shows how intrinsic it has been to the life of this place for the last century and a half.I have added my own Ulster Hall memories, including recollections and a pic of an event which I organised there a few years ago featuring none other than the Dalai Lama: Fri 06 Mar 2009 16:32:06 GMT+1