Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 22 May 2015 20:52:48 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at photo762 Since the move to Bisley in 1890, every competitor, of any shooting discipline, from around the globe, has wanted to shoot at Bisley. Bisley is the most famous world renowned shooting location. Come on London Olympics, Bisley is the obvious venue. Let common sense prevail and save the country some money at the same time.BISLEY Tue 02 Dec 2008 08:43:08 GMT+1 snowy_ajw There's far too much consultancy.The people who will watch the shooting will be those who compete in it, ask them where they want the competition to take place.Bisley seems an obvious choice; the KPMG report seems like an attempt to appease the IOC's wishes. Hopefully common sense will prevail. Thu 27 Nov 2008 17:03:51 GMT+1 U13716465 This post has been Removed Wed 26 Nov 2008 16:42:41 GMT+1 Jordan D If they want legacy, then send the shooting to Bisley. Come on LOCOG - make up your mind over what you want. Wed 26 Nov 2008 11:19:23 GMT+1 rjaggar The comments made here about the quality of KPMG consultancy are extremely damaging. They merit full investigation and a witholding of fees IF the job has been done unprofessionally and prejudicially with a pre-determined outcome in mind.There is no basis for wasting public money to justify a pre-determined outcome and writing a scurrilous report. You just say: 'That's what we are doing, and that's that.'The sooner Government grasps that basic concept about what consultancy is about, the better. Tue 25 Nov 2008 16:19:19 GMT+1 flenderson So it turns out that claims in this blog can be filed with the ones made about Everton being sold a few weeks ago, under the heading 'inaccurate and not backed up with any evidence whatsoever'. Excellent. Mon 24 Nov 2008 15:38:36 GMT+1 Nick Wirepride, Bose writes non articles on all the subjects. He doesn't give opinions or any hard facts just hearsay. Read articles from other people that do blogs and you will also get a reply.Seems like Bose should have talked to people at Bisley just like the response from #8. Mon 24 Nov 2008 15:03:01 GMT+1 galger Unfortunately this article is inaccurate in that it indicates that KPMG have evaluated Bisley and rejected it on the basis of cost.The truth of the matter is that KPMG have either chosen to or have been directed not to communicate with the shooting organisations.As a result Bisley has not been evaluated on the basis of current proposals to develop the site. Bisley has been working with a professional development team for the last 2 years in preparation to become an Olympic Training Venue. This demands that we build a hotel, self catering accommodation, leisure centre, etc. to meet athletes high expectations.On hearing of the appointment of KPMG we had indicated to us that we would be considered against Woolwich on the basis of feasibility and cost. As a result we surveyed our extensive land holdings and found we could build a stand-alone Olympic facility with all the necessary infrastrucure for less than the then stated budget of £25 million. This is still the case.Bisley has not been involved in any process by KPMG to assess feasibility or cost.What we can say is that the current plan for Woolwich is not feasible on the basis of safety and it cannot be built to the necessary size to host both the 'Test Event' prior to the Games and the Finals. We can also say that on present budget estimates it is going to be far more expensive than Bisley. As for looking at another site this is likely to be more money wasted. This ignores the fact that the shooting organisations believe that there is an undertaking between them and LOCOG that should Woolwich prove unsatisfactory Bisley would be the reserve site.The losers in all this of course are going to be the tax payers because they are not going to be offered the most cost efficent option. £20 million here or there seems to be insignificant even in these difficult times.All the shooting organisations at Bisley ask is that they are involved in the process so there is a fair assessment of Bisley versus Woolwich in the interests of the wider public.Glynn AlgerSecretary General of the National Rifle Association Mon 24 Nov 2008 14:23:00 GMT+1 WebbyFoxes Again Mihir, you are worth the License Fee.I think you should lead BBC Sport.Moving on to your blog, you are right to point this out.How about moving the Shooting venue to the Oval Cricket Ground, Im sure that Surrey wouldnt mind it being used with the Cricket season ending around the same time as the Olympics are being held.It would be cheap, easy to set up and if Surrey are worried about any structural damage, then it can happenj away from the main Vauxhall Stand.Failing that, how about Wimbledon? Sat 22 Nov 2008 19:19:21 GMT+1 theshifter Yawn zzzzz Sat 22 Nov 2008 12:24:15 GMT+1 Wirepride Yet again another non-piece about the Olympics. I'm not sure why Bose is given the title Sports Editor - he only ever reports on football/cricket/olympics. That's it. Nothing else. I can't remember the last time I ever saw or read anything on any other subject. Let's see if he reports one of the biggest ever upsets in international sport - which happened this morning. Somehow I doubt it... Sat 22 Nov 2008 12:03:19 GMT+1 MarktheHorn Its one of the Olympic events very few people in this country will take any interest in...I can see this sport being one with very few spectators. Sat 22 Nov 2008 08:57:35 GMT+1 moray_loon Any chance of a picture of Olympic shooting instead of Dirty Harry? Sat 22 Nov 2008 08:39:45 GMT+1 levdavidovich I have a lot to say on this matter. However, I must re-arrange the cutlery in the draw in the kitchen because someone has placed a spoon the wrong way around, so I shall have to return later, if I am not further distracted by paint drying, counting the leaves on a tree or measuring the widths of all my ties and finding the average width. Sat 22 Nov 2008 05:40:54 GMT+1 Donald Donaldson boring Sat 22 Nov 2008 00:01:46 GMT+1