Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 28 Nov 2014 02:08:07 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Fraser McAlpine - You can't say "Katy Brand" and "delicious" in the same sentence! That's just asking for some pretty inappropriate jokes to be made at her expense, and frankly, we're all better than that, aren't we? Mm? Thu 09 Oct 2008 20:45:56 GMT+1 hackerjack Not sure that Katy Brand has ever seen or heard any of those she has mentioned.The Ting Tings girl is closest to Bondie in looks but nowhere near in style. White Stripes and Goldfrapp are completely different ends of the spectrum.Its like saying that Oasis, U2, Coldplay and Pantera are all like the beatles because they are multiple piece male only guitar bands.Not to mention the cliche of a comedian taking a pop song and rewriting the lyrics, I mean who does she think she is? Al Yankovic? Cledus Judd? Carla Ulbrich? Chris Moyles? Jasper Carrot? Aren't they all just redoing the same joke? Aren't they all the same?Is she aware of these delicious irony I wonder? Thu 09 Oct 2008 18:48:32 GMT+1