Comments for en-gb 30 Sun 29 Mar 2015 11:41:37 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at jellyfire I used to enjoy the blog, now I cant as I watch it at work where we cant have sound turned up. Listen to the comments BBC! Tue 08 Mar 2011 12:48:46 GMT+1 The Mighty Shrew I agree with Leonard Crane - 6th March - Ryan Lowe was credited with a goal at Shrewsbury that looked like an own goal on the night (and still looks like an own goal on the replay). I'm sure Graham Turner also referred to it as an own goal in his original post match interview.Not sure if there is a dubious goals panel for league two but with quite a few Shrews fans thinking it was an OG, it must be worth a look? Mon 07 Mar 2011 14:00:24 GMT+1 Anthony I would like to add to my comment at 24 above, which was made before Sunday's game between Liverpool and Manchester United. In the terrific game played at Anfield the referee made two big errors by not sending Carragher off for his dangerous tackle on Nani and then a few moments later Rafael for another dangerous tackle on Lucas. Following the match Sir Alex Ferguson and all the Manchester United players refused media interviews.I for one am always interested to hear what those within the game have to say and it was a big dissapointment that the official views of Manchester United were not given. However, when managers (especially great managers) and players are interviewed, as a fan I want them to tell it as it is and not be frightened to tell the truth. I believe Sir Alex and his players did not speak to supporters through the media because of the knowledge they would be in trouble with the FA if they told the truth.The FA therefore are responsible for supporters missing out, and that cannot be right. I do appreciate this is a Football League message board and not Premier League, but this practice goes on within the Football League as well, but is more obvious in the Premier League because of the massive media coverage.I am very much in favour of the RESPECT campaign (and have personally completed the FA RESPECT course), but come on, officials and players should not face disrepute charges for telling the truth after a game!Wenger also had real reason to complain on Saturday after Arsenal were denied a perfectly good Arshavin goal and later a clear penalty. Two massive decisions which might have a huge effect on Arsenal's title ambitions. In this day and age those decisions at Anfield and the Emeriates should not be wrong, the referee should have more assistance through technology; and managers and players should be able to provide the supporters with their honest opinions after matches. Whether we attend live games or pay for premium football channels through providers such as Sky, we pay high prices to watch football and we as fans deserve better. Mon 07 Mar 2011 10:09:20 GMT+1 Lewis Standing are people actually seriously complaining about not being able to watch the video at work?...Ps. QPR fans why does it matter that steve doesn't rate you? You'll get promoted and he'll look silly. I suppose this has come about because often in the championship someone seems to run away with it, which QPR aren't quite doing a the moment (although 8 points clear is good enough). Maybe steve just thinks that they don't compare well to last years promoted teams, which in Newcastle's case is no insult.To be fair steve does say some strange things, i remember him calling huddersfield's pilkinton a left foot only player as one example but no one ever gets everything right, especially on bbc sport. Remember McNulty's liverpool title prediction last year?I'd just chill and enjoy winning the league!Steve any views on league one auto/playoff positions?ta Mon 07 Mar 2011 02:13:58 GMT+1 estron "Non-UK users can see a special international version of Steve's video blog here."Where? Mon 07 Mar 2011 01:49:02 GMT+1 jonahmona ChrisOrmie in the 25th Century #5; thanks for the transcript there, GWF.People saying just ignore it then, can obviously view it, so shut up please, it's rare to have the Swans on telly, i wanna know what he said.Anyways, How many Jacks would settle for the play-offs? Mon 07 Mar 2011 01:46:53 GMT+1 leshark Mate, there's normally a link under the video for those outside the UK but this week it isn't working. Sun 06 Mar 2011 13:59:09 GMT+1 SamosBlue In response to some of the comments about people complaining about not being able to see the video blog, I live outside the UK, therefore the "not available in your area" message continues to infuriate. Don't understand why a blog should be restricted - if it has to be then please offer an alternative text version. Sun 06 Mar 2011 13:08:40 GMT+1 Leonard Crane Ryan Lowe is going for a record of scoring in consecutive games, well that run ended on Tuesday the 1st of March in the game v Shrewsbury Town. He may have struck the ball but it quite clearly came off the defender Matt Sadler and was counted as an own goal ergo not a goal by Mr Lowe so the clock rewinds so to speak and resets to zero. He did score yesterday so his tally is one game in a sequence not, as was quoted on the Football League Show of the 5th March, 9 in a row. Sun 06 Mar 2011 13:04:40 GMT+1 Bedford R SO the Steve, We beat Leicester 1-0. I suppose you think that we were lucky and that we did not kill them off. If it was Forest winning 1-0 then you would say that they put in a great performance and ground out a result.Well, Steve. That is three wins on the trot. I won't bore you with stats but do check out on the internet the stats for QPR over the last ten games. And then do it again from the start of the season and you will find we are top of the table for some strange reason. The reason being we are the most consistent team in the division and also the best team. Quite easy to figure that out isn't it - unless you are Steve Claridge... Sun 06 Mar 2011 08:39:24 GMT+1 Anthony Ex great (and I mean great) players, no matter how good, do not automatically make great (or even good or just average) managers. Bobby Charlton, Bobby Moore and Geoff Hurst are excellent examples of great players who proved that to find success in management can be so much more difficult to achieve. All were players who left their very positive mark on the game, but not as managers! With that in mind, why do the media blindly believe ex football league players of average ability make expert analysers?Whether you support QPR, have no interest or feeling toward QPR or actually hate QPR I ask you to read Steve Claridge's comments about the club on this BBC football web site; read the comments made over the past few months. Then look at the Championship league table. Look at QPR's goal difference; clean sheets; goals conceded; goals scored; eight point lead over their nearest rival etc., and think about whether Mr Claridges's views expressed on QPR are the comments of a football expert or not. To those few people commenting on this web site supporting the accuracy of Mr Claridge's comments, I ask please explain why? Quote facts in support of your opinions, which will make very interesting reading indeed! Sat 05 Mar 2011 23:52:59 GMT+1 rrrrrs Steve,QPR 1-0 Leicster........... HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES???Ps. take it we wont be seing you on the championship tonight? Sat 05 Mar 2011 18:51:41 GMT+1 starstationearth Thanks Steve! Negatives only about Port Vale, no mention of their constant top 2 position before Christmas and the fact that they have been in the top 7 all season. Oh, and they have won their last 3 games straight with a game in hand still to take potential advantage of, which would put us back in the top 3 again! Fair Play award declined for Mr Claridge this week. Sat 05 Mar 2011 17:18:38 GMT+1 clarkster Claridge-expert? Your having a laugh! Sat 05 Mar 2011 12:18:34 GMT+1 bakes8 Claridge willonly be on FL show tonight if his beloved Leicester win at Loftus rd. Guarenteed. Sat 05 Mar 2011 10:40:53 GMT+1 randomsamno9 Just want to say I'm a Saints fan and Claridge gets a lot of grief from my fellow fans because of allegiances but I would like to say I think he is ok he is pretty nice about most teams really even when they are struggling. Fri 04 Mar 2011 15:15:57 GMT+1 QPRmav Firstly Steve, you say that Swansea are likely to make it.Oddly enough you think QPR won't, yet they're on a better run?Our G/D is exactly double of those guys so where are you coming from?The talk is that we're a one man team. This is simply rubbish.Face facts. The table doesn't lie and it takes a TEAM to get up there.All of the boys put their bodies on the line - as simple as that.Calling out Taarabt every time seems to be a lazy media disease.Even Neil Warnock has picked up on that and hardly talks about AT anymoreWhat did you think of our performance against Middlesborough?Are we still a team that "gets lucky" with our results?Notts Forest still the form team?Keeping up with the likes of "lucky" QPR still?Everyone at Loftus road is looking fw'd to your reply on Sat night Steve.Really looking fw'd to it.................... Fri 04 Mar 2011 13:04:52 GMT+1 Anthony My comment at 25 above was removed because I gave my opinion on a particular professional footballers behaviour towards fans, players and officials whilst he has been playing in the English Premier League and now the Scottish Premier League. I accept the moderators decision to remove the comment and appologise as by naming the player concerned I inadvertantly broke the house rules..As a general observation I believe there is no place in football for any players or supporters who assault, spit or otherwise show a lack of respect toward fellow professional players, club and F.A. officials and supporters.I would like to see clubs and the organisations that run our game act strongly against those acting in this way. Football does not benefit from they type of behaviour I refer to and I genuinley hope it can be removed from British football. Fri 04 Mar 2011 10:16:27 GMT+1 Anthony This post has been Removed Thu 03 Mar 2011 23:17:44 GMT+1 Anthony The news is that QPR have agreed a deal with Newcastle for the permanent move of Routledge. More good news for QPR in what is turning into a season to remember!Leicester City will prove a tough test at Loftus Road on Saturday, but I firmly believe QPR have the talent, determination and overall quality to win another 3 points.On another note, I really enjoyed the excellent game on TV the other night when Manchester United played at Stamford Bridge. It was a brilliant game between two extremely good teams. However, the referee clearly got the Luiz decision (or lack of) horribly wrong; and what Sir Alex Ferguson said afterwards was absolutely correct. The fact that Ferguson has now been charged with 'improper conduct' only evidences that the Football Association are power mad and absolutely crackers!How is telling the truth 'improper conduct'? Thu 03 Mar 2011 18:52:02 GMT+1 Superhoopa As you know i am a QPR fan myself, but im here just get an opinion from you Steve.It seems in recent years the reputation of the Football League has improved and people all around the world are becoming more interested in English football in general, League One seems to of gained alot more recognition, what do you think has caused this? Thu 03 Mar 2011 17:59:09 GMT+1 adelswonderbra Steve - under your photo it reads:You can see him give his expert opinion alongside Manish Bhasin on the Football League Show every SaturdayWhere were you on saturday?? Coincides with an excellent away victory for QPR? Bury the hatchett Steve and admit we are a class act.... Not even going to start with the 'Expert opinion' you apparently hold.... Thu 03 Mar 2011 16:21:10 GMT+1 adelswonderbra This post has been Removed Thu 03 Mar 2011 16:02:15 GMT+1 rrrrrs Steve,You were absent from this weeks Football League show, QPR battered Boro 3-0. Coincidence??? Was it your choice or have the BBC finaly seen your ridiculous bias against the Hoops??? Please do us all a favour and rethink your career choice as a pundit an perhaps find something your better at. You could be the FACE of an ad campaign for corn plasters?? Thu 03 Mar 2011 14:33:12 GMT+1 bakes8 Abdul Taarabt clearly put in a one man virtuoso performance for Qpr again, and completely carried the team as they ground out a fortunate 0-3 defeat of Middlesbrough on saturday.Keep up the good work steve! Thu 03 Mar 2011 13:25:18 GMT+1 MikeWithoutFear I wouldn't be too concerned if you can't watch these things (regardless of whether your team is mentioned or not), if you've watched the Football League Show at all then you probably know that anyway......I watched the one about the Sheffield clubs the other week, it was like listening to that bloke in the pub on his own who goes round the bar trying to make friends by giving you his opinion on his preferred XI of the season despite not having been to a game for four years. Thu 03 Mar 2011 11:32:26 GMT+1 Candyman #3 - Why should we 'ignore it'? We pay for Steve and this content via our licence fee yet can't access it. It's simple to remedy yet no-one from the BBC has ever bothered to post on these comment boards to explain why they've not done it.#8 - The reason for most of those who can't access it is due to being in a place of work while trying to view it....on lunch breaks of course ;-) A lot of work places ban video content from being viewed. Thu 03 Mar 2011 10:46:23 GMT+1 pieface Cheers for answering my question Steve. Just to clear things up Pieface has been my nickname since I was about 10 as I used to do an amazing impression of the Legend from Dennis the Menace, I guess it just stuck...Good blog again and nice to see one pretty much focusing just on League 2. Thu 03 Mar 2011 08:57:08 GMT+1 Ole ole ole WEMBLEY WEMBLEY - MayhillBoiJACK Cheers Chris. Thu 03 Mar 2011 07:13:31 GMT+1 Motihur Rahman Great blog, keep it up! Thu 03 Mar 2011 00:21:05 GMT+1 gambler to Steveout of ten how do you rate Leeds united chance of going up?thanks Thu 03 Mar 2011 00:07:45 GMT+1 it_adel_not_abdul_you_donkey also why does it say expert on your blog?That actually made me laugh! Thu 03 Mar 2011 00:01:35 GMT+1 it_adel_not_abdul_you_donkey What do you think about QPRs 'convincing' win over Middlesbrough?Yeah we stuffed em 3-0. By the way...tell me steve, how did Forest do against them. Yeah thats right.I guess you still don't think we will go up?Hows abdul doing and what about fraulin? Thu 03 Mar 2011 00:00:43 GMT+1 Rhysj1 - CCFC have beaten SCFC Thanks for the kind words claridge....but I must ask, where in the video, was there aything about 'Claridge on abuse from Swansea fans'He did't mention it, he just said we were good. Wed 02 Mar 2011 22:47:21 GMT+1 Tranmerefantillidie Hi Steve,Tranmere Rovers fan hereI've just got back from watch Yeovil town win at Prenton Park. There where 8,000+ fans watching the game today a special offer of £5 for all fans 4,000+ more then most home games. Unfortunately Tranmere didn't turn up the football was woeful, Steve Tranmere find themselves in a more familiar position. Les Parry has had more then a year in the job now, not much as changed there's talk amung the Rovers fans that he's going to be given a 2 year contract what do make of the situation? is it time for Tranmere to take a new direction in terms of manager?I think we have good players at this level we just need a manager with experience. Would some one like Garry Johnson be a good call i always liked the way his Bristol City side played.Kind regards,Jamie! Wed 02 Mar 2011 22:35:41 GMT+1 wycombetilidie I must admit the constant complaints about not being able to watch it do get a bit wary after awhile... mainly as I have no idea why you cant watch it??? Download the latest adobe flash player and it works fine... ive never had a problem with it. As for the mention of wycombe in the blog, somewhat soured by our loss the other day but theres still plenty of the season left Wed 02 Mar 2011 22:06:53 GMT+1 Hoopsa20 What do you think about QPRs 'convincing' win over Middlesbrough? Yes, thats right. QPR are the same team who are not beating other teams 'convincingly' apparently. I see that we are playing your beloved Leicester next week, hope to see you down at Loftus Road. I'm sure you will get a warm reception down there. Haha. Still don't think QPR will be promoted? Like to hear your thoughts in the next edition. And how is Abdul Taarabt getting on? Wed 02 Mar 2011 20:00:39 GMT+1 bearded_shrimper Southend got a mention, woo! Wed 02 Mar 2011 19:32:31 GMT+1 ChrisOrmie in the 25th Century For Swans fans who can't watch this (like Boi up top) we got a minute near the end where he praised our play against Leeds, said Dyer was terrific all game, and thought Sinclair scored a brilliant goal - tho he did say he prefered Crofts' turn-shot as his best of the week, which I fully agree with. He also touched on the excellent defensive record and he think's we'll last the course - presumably meaning he's now backing us for promotion.We seem to be rising above that radar now - squeaky bum time for the next 10-12 games methinks! Wed 02 Mar 2011 19:27:39 GMT+1 Joe Ashdown Although I don't profess to be a particular fan of Steve Claridge or his somewhat overrated stock so far as footballing insight is concerned, I think it is misguided to blame him for the format in which his opinions are being presented. I presume the decision for his comments to be presented via a video platform rather than a written one was made at an editorial level, rather than by Claridge himself. Wed 02 Mar 2011 18:39:44 GMT+1 Redbourner Every week people moan about the video format. Every week it's the same format. Obviously it's not going to be changed midway through the season, it's an approach the Beeb are trying out. Maybe at the end of the season it'll go and we'll get something else next year. Until then, why not ignore it if all you're going to do is moan about the format? Wed 02 Mar 2011 17:07:10 GMT+1 Candyman Hate to sound like a broken record but how many times do we need to say this: Loads of us can't watch the video content! Do a text blog like most of the other BBC contributors Wed 02 Mar 2011 16:44:42 GMT+1 Ole ole ole WEMBLEY WEMBLEY - MayhillBoiJACK BLAST!!I see SWANSEA mentioned in the caption but alas, it's a VIDEO blog and as such, can't see it.Shame, if it were in WRITTEN form, no such problem. But hey, refuse to give the people what they want, ay Steve. Wed 02 Mar 2011 15:25:08 GMT+1