Comments for en-gb 30 Mon 29 Dec 2014 08:13:56 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at sidrez1508 Why is everybody blaming the coach Fabio Capello? its not his fault that english players are just above average and they lack skills.Why is everyone saying that these players didnt want to play for Capello. When they wear english national shirt they should play for the country not for their coach!!! Most of them play without heart or determination. Years ago players like Terry Butcher and Bryan Robson used to sweat blood for their country. Nowadays players only care about their images and they play for their clubs so that they don't get injured and miss out on their club football.The nation should wake up and realise that England as a footballing nation is simply not good enough to beat the likes of Brazil,Argentina, Germany,Holland and the so on...No matter who the coach is!!! Tue 29 Jun 2010 21:32:38 GMT+1 Son-of-Fred-The-Bad-Man This post has been Removed Mon 28 Jun 2010 22:22:54 GMT+1 Mike Logan The England players were tired eh? So how about all the other Premier League players on display ? They look fresher than the daisies in my garden to be honest !! Since the start of this tournament I've enjoyed some lovely meals of Crow, Humble Pie and a few tasty Hats to boot. Never the greatest admirer of Dead-Ball-Dave in some respects... but I've had to admit that we needed him ON the pitch or at least to bring his "Free Kick Academy" to the training ground. It's a pity we couldn't hit the REAL target with the accuracy in which we could hit the defensive wall. Mon 28 Jun 2010 14:03:29 GMT+1 ed2062 This post has been Removed Mon 28 Jun 2010 14:03:26 GMT+1 Mike Logan I've coached youngsters (Americans) but admit that I was totally out of my depth except for extreme basics. One of those was for defenders not to stand in a straight line from penalty spot to centre-spot. How on Earth did England manage to concede 3 goals in this way ? Who told them to do that? Then.. what was The Kaiser saying about the kick & rush ? Germany's first goal wasn't like that at all of course !!! Disappointed like everyone else of course, but I had predicted Germany would employ Olympic Diving tactics to prevail. I was totally wrong for once. Germany didn't need to be hungry for their win... their free meal was served up on a 3-Star plate by 1-Star waiters again. Mon 28 Jun 2010 13:52:58 GMT+1 Gerry How do you lot get up in the morning? There's nothing fundamentally wrong with how England raises players. There are some excellent players in the team. Nobody is going to convince me, either, that they are all overpaid prima-donnas that don't give a damn. Are they playing for washers at Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen?England, on another day, could have won that game. They had good chances in the 1st half, scored two good goals, hit the bar in the 2nd half and had Gerrard's effort very well saved. They wre outplayed, but could conceivably have gotten at least a draw.Fact is, Germany are also very, very good. Ozil, Khedira and Muller are excellent players, and Podolski and Klose are dangerous if they get the right service. Schweinstieger is the main man in midfield for Bayern Munich, the German double winners and European Cup runners up. With everything taken into account, England are never going to be so good that they are necessarily better than countries with the population, resources and footballing tradition as a country like Germany/Italy/Brazil. We should all relax a little bit, and put this in some kind of perspective. Germany have a very good team, and will have for the next few years by the looks of it. Not so lone ago (Euro 2004) they were mince as well, so let's calm down a bit eh?Loads of England's main players (Barry, Rooney, Ferdinand) were carrying injuries, and they got very unlucky with a huge decision. There was also the baffling decision not to use a specialist holding midfielder (King or Carrick if Barry, as was clear, wasn't fit) at the expense of Defoe, which allowed Ozil and Muller to have a field day in between the lines of defence and midfield. Mourinho showed against barca how to combat a player like Ozil; defend deep (no space in behind the defence), force the game to the flanks by deploying two destroyers in the middle of the park, and counter attack up the wings. For whatever reason Capello stuck with 4-4-2, and they got murdered on the counter attack. Look at the 1st two goals again, terry is drawn into the space where a holding midfielder would usually find himself because either Ozil was there, or Klose was dropping off. It was blatantly obvious throughout the game.Also, John Terry hasn't been quick enough at this level for about 5 years, and Matthew Upson was well out of his depth. Mon 28 Jun 2010 13:49:31 GMT+1 TaconazoRedondo I pray that Chile get a result against Brazil - I just can't bring myself to love this current Samba Squad at all... The romantic stereotype of Brazil that we all love seems to have gone for good, with the abundance of European-based Brazilians, and subsequent lack of homegrown additions. Chile have been one of the best teams of the tournie thus far - it takes a fair team to outplay Spain, and that is what we witnessed for large periods of their encounter. I'm just not sure, though, that they'll have enough in their locker to overcome the pragmaticism of Brazil. Still... we live in hope. Mon 28 Jun 2010 13:41:06 GMT+1 Fed_Borg Are people still talking about England? They are history. Back to the present, I see the Netherlands scraping through, just. Brazil will be their opponents in the quarters. Mon 28 Jun 2010 13:02:15 GMT+1 Sam Holland 2 Slovakia 0Brazil 3 Chile 2 Im hoping for an absolute classic between the South Americans I think Brazil will win but I would love Chile to. The Chilean formation is genius and I love their 100% commitmant and their 100 mph football Mon 28 Jun 2010 12:43:19 GMT+1 bobdee This post has been Removed Mon 28 Jun 2010 12:40:57 GMT+1 bobdee I said at the start of the tournament that the lack of technique and subtlety of the English players would hurt them as they were always supplied in the Premier League by foreign players.You don't improve English football by getting rid of the foreign players you should learn from them. Highly paid English stars learn from your foreign team mates, don't just go about posing as stars. Mon 28 Jun 2010 12:30:12 GMT+1 PSugs I think that the BBC's analysis of England's games has been shocking at best. RTE lambasted the Slovenia performance saying that it was a slight improvement on the USA and Algeria games but completely inept on the grand scale of things. However Lineker & co were revelling in the 'shackles off' display. The Irish Times did an interesting comparison on both sets of coverage after the Slovenia gameAlan Hansen: "Once England got the goal the confidence levels surged, they were excellent."Eamon Dunphy: "They just didn't grow in confidence at all after the goal."Gary Lineker: "The goal really settled them, didn't it? They pushed on from there."Ronnie Whelan: "You'd think they'd have kicked on from when they scored, but they actually got worse."Roy Hodgson: "England's crossing has been absolutely outstanding."John Giles: "Some of the crossing was just awful."Lee Dixon: "A great performance."Dunphy: "Shocking...absolutely incredibly bad...pretty awful stuff."Lineker: "He looked more like the Rooney we know."Whelan: "Rooney is a major worry, his form, his body language, his demeanour, everything."Dixon: "Gerrard was outstanding."Dunphy: "I can't believe how bad Gerrard was today."Redknapp: "Across midfield we were top drawer."Giles: "Barry got worse as the game went on, Milner, Gerrard and Lampard the same."'Arry: "Bring it on! Whoever we play we'll be difficult to beat."Whelan: "If they don't improve they'll go straight out, it was a very, very inept performance."The result being a stunned looking BBC team trying to figure out where it all went wrong yesterday. I think that England have some good individual players but they really need to have a look at coaching systems at grass roots level. Germany did this years ago and have evolved into an excellent creative team. Running around aimlessly like headless chickens and trying to play the killer ball everytime when in posession is suicide at this level. I think it would also help if a few of the bigger names experienced football in other leagues rather than playing it safe all the time. Mon 28 Jun 2010 12:17:33 GMT+1 JC8401126 It gets so tedious all of this doesn’t it? England out to Germany, manager forced to resign, refereeing errors referred in minuet detail, predictable, plodding and lazy. But that’s been the story for the English side throughout this tournament. Now, straight of the bat I am Scottish now this isn’t an apology for my nationality but rather a reference that not all Scots were delighted to see our neighbours exit.England have played poorly through out the tournament, all that happened yesterday was they came against a team were mediocrity wouldn’t do. Yes there was the incident around Lamps goal, and yes technology should be used in football to mitigate these decisions and subsequent excuses. But what of England’s lacklustre performance through out?I agree with Top Bananas sentiments, the issue could be with burn out! The commercial pressures of the premier league stifling young prospects from game time while at the same time asking more from the experienced player? Is the dispersion of English player to great to instil synergy’s? The media have a responsibility as well, there has been a lazy journalistic approach (Beed excused of course) to football commentary. England Expects mentality from the Red Tops thereafter, outcry! Just not progressive really is it? Capello departing is simply not the answer – England need to fix a five year plan with one man at the helm, set some clear objectives and regimentally stick to it success comes through a clear underpinned frame work, not the absence of eyesight from a linesman. Mon 28 Jun 2010 12:14:58 GMT+1 gingha There are a number of actions that England must take1. Realise that today the team are simply not good enough (we are in the same mess as Italy... their league winners didn't have a single Italian that played regularly for them) 2. Setup schools of excellance and involve technically gifted ex players (both English and foriegn)- FA must filter money to this3. Set limit on non English players, the UEFA rule of home grown players doesn't help (Arsenal and Chelsea buy loads of foriegn kids to get around this rule and hope that ome make it). It will be tough on clubs in Europe in short term.4. Get rid of old guard and their egos...(Terry is disruptive), build for the future5. Allow the Engalnd manager to experiment with formations and players so that the team can adapt to teams/situations in major championships. This is the responsibility of the FA, press and supporters of allowing the manager to do this without crucifying him when we don't beat San Marino and realsiing that each game he'll learn something about the players!6. Take a long term view (5 -10 years). We can't keep building castles in swamps ..then simply fall !!! Mon 28 Jun 2010 11:56:25 GMT+1 Liamsh Hey Motty,I know you think goal-line technology is objectionable but your argument is fallacious. Pick up a beginners guide to logic and you will see that your slippery slope argument is awful. Read the entry here on slippery slopes do you respond? Mon 28 Jun 2010 11:32:27 GMT+1 Rob04 The WC has suddlenly come alive Motty! Its a great feast of football. It seems that the 'young prince' Harry is a bit sore about England's defeat according to some papers Motty! Strange that, I thought his family's team won! Some people are just never happy but look on the bright side: we all get to read the endless inquests now. Just fabulous Motty! Mon 28 Jun 2010 11:21:00 GMT+1 Notasquick Netherlands v Slovakia 2-1Brazil v Chile 2-1 Mon 28 Jun 2010 11:20:34 GMT+1 rowanofipoh From the outset, I recon the Engish management team knew that they were presiding over the death of English football - they all wore black ties! Mon 28 Jun 2010 11:19:23 GMT+1 Stew10 Why is everyone still going on about England? They're coming home!------------------------------------------------------------------------#13One question for you:Why is a Ghanaian-Frenchman, Marcel Desailly, using the term 'we' when talking about the English national team????Is he like a supporter of our most successful club side suddenly becoming an Arsenal fan????--------------------------------------------------------------------------That is 2 questions!He's a Ghanaian-Frenchman-Englishman now did they not tell you!?! Mon 28 Jun 2010 09:52:58 GMT+1 Crediton_Barry What a joke! England. Something has to be done in the English game but as we know nothing will be. Too many foreign players stopping home grown talent coming through. We are left with the over paid and over rated jokes.Many people are struggling in this country and yet these over paid wasters think they are owed a living. I know that anybody else had performed that badly in their job they probably would have got the sack. Mon 28 Jun 2010 09:48:01 GMT+1 rjaggar Mr MotsonOne question for you:Why is a Ghanaian-Frenchman, Marcel Desailly, using the term 'we' when talking about the English national team????Is he like a supporter of our most successful club side suddenly becoming an Arsenal fan???? Mon 28 Jun 2010 08:15:14 GMT+1 NeilDawoodarry Well, well, well. Typical, to be expected, business as usual? The dissection - Foreign coach, Foreign players in our league, The Ball, and the lack of goal-line technology. TOSH!!The most impressive national league in the world with some of the greatest teams in the world alongside finances that would rival small nations and we can’t manage to play one decent game on the world stage!! Over paid, overrated and more concerned with there WAGs and lifestyle than football. Simples Mon 28 Jun 2010 08:12:21 GMT+1 Antonioni Well, I wonder if the English still think they are the best. They haven't won anything for 44yrs and don't look like winning anything anytime soon. It is time to accept that the England football team is mediocre. That's a fact! Mon 28 Jun 2010 08:09:39 GMT+1 TB Just how many commentators, pundits and other hangers-on does the BBC really need to bring us coverage of the World Cup? How much duplication is going on? In a time a austerity a batallion of well paid talking heads does not really give the BBC much room to defend the current level of the licence fee or that it is being spent wisely or efficiently. Mon 28 Jun 2010 08:06:53 GMT+1 Son-of-Fred-The-Bad-Man If that was the best of English football today it shows just how bad we have got.No passion, no pride, seen better from kids on Hackney Marshes on a weekend.Watched the USA V Ghana game and saw all the pride and passion that a world cup game should have. These 2 teams are what i would call juniors in football, as they do not have the long standing that we have in football.We have become a laughing stock of over paid nancies who are more interested in there sponsorship money than anything else.Million pound players ?????? i wouldn't give them a bag of jelly babies on there performance in this tournament.I would not fly them home, i would put them on an old rust bucket ship to ponder what there future is. Mon 28 Jun 2010 07:16:27 GMT+1 Rbeer [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator] I'm a great fan of england but unfortunately they were beaten by germany. The next world cup is another 4 years in the waiting. I hope they can do it next world cup. Mon 28 Jun 2010 06:13:46 GMT+1 Top_Banana1 Just as one bad game doesn't make for a bad team, one semi-good game doesn't make for a good team. England looked okay for an opening group game against the US but if they are unable to beat Algeria, that well known footballing nation, they are never going to be world beaters. Say what you want about the pitch and the ball but since all teams had to play with dodgy pitches and the same type of ball, that is largely irrelevant. They looked good against Slovenia and all of a sudden they are back to being World Cup contenders? I think not. They looked slow, lacking in ideas, lacking in desire and at times expected to win simply because they had an English shirt on. I agree with others that we are never going to be world beaters the whole time the top level of our national league is full of foreigners. We have to start bringing through the ENGLISH youngsters and giving them a chance. Only by playing at the top level in England will these youngsters have a chance at international level. I do not believe that there aren't the likes of Fabregas, Torres, Drogba etc somewhere out there waiting to be scouted and brought through the youth system. So many Premier league clubs have excellent youth systems but the only way those players are going to get to play 1st team football is if they move to the lower divisions where (no disrespect meant) they are not going to be faced with the competition needed to make them effective for their country. In my opinion, we need to bring back the limit on the number of foreign players allowed at club level. I'm an Arsenal fan and whilst they are a joy to watch (on the whole!) it is embarrasing that there is barely an English player amongst them. I have had many an argument with friends that there is too much pressure on those who do get to represent their country, but if they are being paid £x,000 a week, they should be able to deal with that pressure and not choke on the big stage. Look a Murray in the tennis. He doesn't even have 10 others to hide amongst yet he has the weight and expectations of the whole of the UK on his shoulders. Okay, he has never one a grand slam but the current England team have never one a major championship. And Murray doesn't get thousands of pounds a week.I understand the laws if supply and demand and I know that if there are comparatively few world class players around they can demand massive salaries which big clubs will pay just to get them on their team sheet. But £80,000 a week to look good only when supported by foreign players when playing for your club is excessive. And, I agree completely that you can't blame the manager for everything. He was let down by a number of sub-par performances by his players. BUT he stuck rigidly to a formation that failed to impress in the warm-ups and some of the substitutions / decisions he made seemed frankly quite ridiculous. We can't score so bring on Heskey? Take Joe Cole but choose to barely use him? Put Gerard out on the left where it is widely recognised he is not the most comfortable or at his best....Capello says he won't resign. Neither would I if I stood to lost out on £10million pounds. If the FA sack him, they have to honour his contract and pay him substantial compensation. Why was there not a clause in his contract that stated his 2 year contract would be based on his 2010 World Cup performance?The next world cup is 4 years away. Now is the time to look at what is happening at club level and the English (or indeed, British) players coming through the ranks there and get them the support they need. Get rid of the older generation from the team now and get the youngsters in. Look at what Wenger has done with the Arsenal youth. Every year in the Carling Cup he puts out a young team with a few old hands in there to add some stability. They may never have won the trophy but they look good and are showing what youth can do. They want to play and they do so with passion. They know they have no automatic right to pull on their club shirt and be in the starting XI. Why can the same not be said for England's overpaid and at time arrogant national team? Mon 28 Jun 2010 05:09:49 GMT+1 jeffjeff Though the guy could seemingly barely type, I agree with comment #2, 100%. Less about cricket though. We're patchy at that.We just need to invest in youth more and be prepared to try the young players at Euro 2012 and not do too well, but they'll be learning and better for it, for 2014, etc. There is absolutely no way that investing and trusting in our youth won't be beneficial in the long run. Or actually a good thing; it's something that makes less sense not to do than to do. If you, err, get me..Dibble. Mon 28 Jun 2010 00:31:09 GMT+1 retlaw1 Hi Motty, saw your interview, excellant. Why do the supporters think getting rid of the mananger will solve their problems? Their team (I used that abvisedly) don't they reallise you have to play as a team to be a team? You can be the greatest player in the world but if you don't play as a team, your not very good. Ask the TEAM to look at themselves and ask them why they have the audacity to pick up their wages!! These millionaires are an absolute disgrace!! The FA should be thinking about their positions as well (not much chance of that). Lets look after the old boys net!!! Mon 28 Jun 2010 00:07:48 GMT+1 ItsElton Well i was feeling very sad to be an englishman after this afternoon's capitulation and turned my tv over in frustration towards the end of the game, and then it happened...Rooney was supposed to come good today and there he was on BBC2, winning and doing us proud.Unfortunately it wasn't our Wayne but Martin Rooney winning the Uk title in the 400 metres. well done you! Sun 27 Jun 2010 23:12:52 GMT+1 MuckyCov Where do you start with english football??? I think we have to limit the amount of foriegn players at our clubs. Young english lads are not getting a look in and have to join lower league clubs to get the opportunity to play. The lads who do come through to international level are not good enough,better coaching is required to get these players to a standard acceptable for tournament level. Media hype is putting the pressure on far too hard because what we witnessed today against the germans was sub-standard. The defending was schoolboy-like. To finish... a really embarrasing display!!! Sun 27 Jun 2010 23:11:29 GMT+1 ark well what a shambles .squables ,players being taken who were not fit ,ferdinand,king.rooney?Rooney exposed at the top level .germany learnt lesson and played youngsters with a few old hands .We must bring through likes of wickham.robinson,cody rodwell,and few of united youngsters plus jinky,carrol ,ranger .no more doubts over keepers ,hart get him used to job . good young english manager pearce obvious one as he has had most of kids under his what if we lose few games they will learn and it will encourage other kids .we have johnson ,milner,gerrard maybe,was humiliating seeing our response when we chucked on the man to pull back the deficit .heskey! it is a bad joke.we need the villa youngsters to come through as well ,they seem to have hit a wall .premier league to many clubs importing eu players instead of bringing these kids through and on the way bankrupting themselves . a sad day ,learn from england cricket team .team being main word ,sentiment and reputation is no guarantee you will be picked ,perform and you play .result winners playing great cricket . Sun 27 Jun 2010 21:57:23 GMT+1 kiwiken Aw c'mon England supporters! Wise up! What did you expect? Your soccer team is no good, your cricket team is no good, your rugby team is no good, your tenis players are no good, and neither is your food! (I like your fish and chips though) Get with the program!! Kiwiken Sun 27 Jun 2010 21:45:08 GMT+1