Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 24 Jul 2014 11:06:55 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Gaz This post has been Removed Sun 03 Oct 2010 06:55:44 GMT+1 willemien If you are talking about bank accounts.I cannot become member because i only have a Maestro card.(they wrote me something like maestrocards are on there way out get Mastercard)So i emailed my maestrocard supplier but they say we don't know anything about that...Also a problem i don't have a normal bank account (benifits and so) what now? Tue 17 Aug 2010 16:33:15 GMT+1 Lou Lou Pete Cruze, thanks for the suggestion, however unfortunately it doesnt get around the account issue as both my husband and I want different access periods. My husband has the annual at £45 per year and if he applies for an additional key, each key has to have the annual access at £45 (therefore costing £90 for the two of us). Where as I wished to be the £1 per use user so was told I had to set up a different account with cycle hire, but can't use the same payment account. :-( Tue 17 Aug 2010 11:40:11 GMT+1 Pete Cruze Yes you can add more keys, when you buy another access period. Or if you already have an annual I've been told you can cancel the old one with a refund if you want to buy another with more keys. That gets around the question of not being able to use the same card number on two accounts. Tue 17 Aug 2010 09:45:35 GMT+1 kelvinj You can have up to 4 access keys on the same account ( for sharing with family, although I'm not sure if you can add the keys after registration. Mon 16 Aug 2010 19:06:53 GMT+1 Martin I think everyone got sent a large t shirt, not just ladies. Aside from being way too big, my main gripe is that I'd rather not go round with a cartoon Boris on my back. Mon 16 Aug 2010 14:00:01 GMT+1 Lou Lou Tom, the quote from TfL stating "Yes, all women got sent large. The large T-shirt fits a size ten perfectly" comment amazes me. Am surprised that a lady who is a size 10 is classed as a large lady. Doesn't bode well for the rest of the population!!! Mon 16 Aug 2010 13:33:09 GMT+1 David I got a T-Shirt and my 4 year old thinks it makes a great nightie and has adopted it. Only problem is my 2 year old is now jealous so if anyone has one they don't want don't send it back to TfL, send it to me! Mon 16 Aug 2010 11:51:52 GMT+1