Comments for en-gb 30 Thu 02 Jul 2015 03:58:47 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Tony Defacto What poor journalism.A travel coresipondent for BBC London, yet you don't know of the website giving information on roadworks in London. And then guessing at how is responsible for the road works itself?!I'm guessing that this was knocked up in the five minutes you had spare before you had to copy the travel news from Ceefax for the next travel update. Tue 06 Jul 2010 08:23:44 GMT+1 tomedwards Thanks David for pointing out that website - quite a resource! That is the one I'm pretty sure. Lets hope they finish the roadworks on time and resurface it in the remaining 24 hours.(!) According to the website the work's being carried out by City of London Telecoms and they are digging "Trial holes and installation of telecoms duct in the footway and carriageway". Thames Water I apologise ...the link is: Mon 05 Jul 2010 14:58:41 GMT+1 David Is it CS020SOUTHWARKBRIDGERD (search at If so it is due to finish on the 18th so just in time. Mon 05 Jul 2010 12:14:43 GMT+1