Comments for en-gb 30 Fri 27 Feb 2015 06:59:16 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at BA I have to agree with NO 13. Africa has been governed by and is still governed by a people who use Sangoma's to the detriment of economies, citizens, policies,electioneering, etc. Even Jacob Zuma has said that 'the ancestors will be angry if you don't do this/that'. It is the pure stupidity of people who believe in such and are willing to pay out large amounts of cash to these witch doctors. And at the end of the day who is the richer? Wed 05 Jan 2011 13:23:54 GMT+1 Nyadegu71 I also think that one of the Baobab trees meant by the Sangoma is Mugabe and the tears of joy shall flow from the Zimbabweans.However, his prediction on elections; that those already in dispute might stagnant like bad muti may also refer to Zimbabwe.I will take the baobab prediction. Tue 04 Jan 2011 21:33:24 GMT+1 papa_grande These predictions are nothing but a bunch of gibberish, meaningless rubbish. A series of generalizations that is open to a whole lot of different interpretations. It does not take any special gift to know that there shall always be wars in africa as far as the current political structure and the type of leadership we have in africa continues. The sangoma's opinions on war is not only vague but absolute nonsense.I am disturbed that educated people like those commenting here can take such rubish seriously. This has been one of sfrica's greatest problems; superstition and ignorance even among the educated.I think that Andrew Harding is having fun and enjoying himself wondering how people can believe in such rubbish. Just read very carefully his comment ;'some intriguing interpretations here. i should have mentioned a few words that the sangoma chanted towards the end of our meeting - they may offer some more clues. They were indistinct, but I'm sure I heard "Bricks" "El-Are-Ay" "Bay-jing" "Madeeba" and "Espi-Elay".Sangomas are a bunch of traditional con men who thrive on their clients fear, ignorance and superstion. 'Black' magic and 'witch craft' does not work. They are just imaginations else africa would have advanced much more than the western wolrd. Tue 04 Jan 2011 13:45:52 GMT+1 The_Revolutionary_Humanist Very interesting that you paid a visit to a Sangoma. Though what he had to say is extremely vague and completely open for interpretation, as we can see in the other comments here on the blog. I suppose they do that so that when something happens that could fit nicely into their predictions, they could claim that indeed, they had made such and such predictions. Thats the problem with prophets and fortune tellers since the beginning of time, Nostradamus et el included. Tue 04 Jan 2011 03:04:04 GMT+1 Colchie I'm not much for interpretations, but if Mugabe dies/steps down/retires/goes into exile then perhaps Zimbabwe can blaze a trail for the rest of the continent to follow. Mon 03 Jan 2011 23:59:39 GMT+1 Botsmancom The ailing Mandela (Madiba),a real giant and hero, will pass on! Mon 03 Jan 2011 12:03:59 GMT+1 wanumba "...but I'm sure I heard "Bricks" "El-Are-Ay"The UN is going to have Hans Blix deliver a strongly worded letter to the the LRA. Well, THAT'd ... that'd be an um ... innovative ... um, tactic. Sun 02 Jan 2011 21:13:09 GMT+1 wanumba The big question: is 2011 the year of THIS 3,000 year old prophecy:"All you people of the world, you who live on the earth ...At that time gifts will be brought to the LORD Almighty from a people tall and smooth-skinned, an aggressive nation of strange speech,whose land is divided by rivers -- the gifts will be brought to Mount Zion, the place of the Name of the Lord Almighty."Hmm. The very tall people of the land of Cush ... Southern Sudan ... think it could well be. Isaiah 18. Sun 02 Jan 2011 21:05:42 GMT+1 jsff The biggest surprise is coming for those who think Africa can't able to uplift her children and the lives of the ordinary citizens. I am saying this because Africa has realize what it means to be there for her children in all aspects. With this said, the surprise for 2011 for Europeans and our evil enemies is: the UNITED STATES OF AFRICA. That's the dream that will come up to be true and a reality regardless what evil Europe and its partners have underneath their sleeve. Please put this at the back of your mind. Sun 02 Jan 2011 21:01:48 GMT+1 Francis power "One of us will join a brand new family abroad - but for the wrong reasons -and those relatives will snigger behind our backs." Then "Bricks, Bay-jing and Madeeba"... Nelson Mandella is going to marry a Chinese girl to secure a better trade agreement and the Chinese will think they have got the better deal? Now that really would be a surprise! Sun 02 Jan 2011 13:31:59 GMT+1 Andrew Harding BBC some intriguing interpretations here. i should have mentioned a few words that the sangoma chanted towards the end of our meeting - they may offer some more clues. They were indistinct, but I'm sure I heard "Bricks" "El-Are-Ay" "Bay-jing" "Madeeba" and "Espi-Elay". Sun 02 Jan 2011 09:50:03 GMT+1 wanumba Something to consider: was the Ivory Coast current presidential mashup predicable? Years ago, when Gbagbo announced he was running, an average Burkinabe day laborer working in Ivory Coast commented, "Gbagbo is a bad man. He will destroy Ivory Coast."The clumsy attempt to cut Outtara out by disenfranchising half the country of their citizenship in one stroke also alienated half the military, who suddenly were soldiers without a country. What a surprise they mutinied. Put the two elements together and a recipe for disaster. Gbagbo had already established a reputation years ago amongst locals, before he first ran his mobs into the streets to grab power, as someone who did not have the best interests of the country at heart. Sun 02 Jan 2011 06:12:37 GMT+1 wanumba Come on. Motivated Southern Sudan is only 8 excited days to VOTE in REFERENDUM for independence from Northern Sudan, the culmination of the 5 year CPA and the first interpretation out of the gate is that "new land" and "vote" must be for Palestine, which isn't even in Africa? Huh? What's with projecting ethnocentric biases onto African historical events, and did we really need a soothsayer for that? The Juba Post a couple weeks ago quotes the "Hon Tobias Xavier Lotto of EESLA" as "MP TELLS ARABS BYE-BYE" and "the referendum will just be a ceremony to say to one another, bye..."And it's no prognostication that a dismal percentage of African government officials will be richer than their official salaries would indicate at the end of the year, and still feel like they need more. With over fifty countries in Africa, it's not much of a risk to predict at least ONE major government crisis somewhere, not even counting the Gbagbo-Outtara going on ten years now presidential cage match. Sun 02 Jan 2011 04:53:29 GMT+1 Lesley I've just discovered your blog on Africa and I am delighted!! All the best for you in 2011The biggest monster of them all 'falling'? Being from Africa, I can just hope he is referring to the despot just north of us Mugabe....and when he's gone I'm sure there will be many more to line up...but he's my biggest monster right now... Sat 01 Jan 2011 05:35:40 GMT+1 BluesBerry How fascinating!Predictions of one of Soweto's most reliable sangomas: 1. All I will say is that one vote will be a glorious, historic anti-climax, a couple will be stolen in broad daylight, and those already in dispute will stutter and stagnate like bad muti.Muti is a term for traditional medicine in Southern Africa as far north as Lake Tanganyika. The word muti is derived from the Zulu word for tree. Actially I have an opinion on what this might mean, but the words "stolen in broad daylight" cause me to hesitate.2. "A new land will be born. But the pain will be felt by the parents, not the child."In my opinion, this could be Palestine where the parents have suffered, and will continue to suffer, tremendous pain during the birthing process, but the child will not know this pain.3. "Two huge baobab trees will fall. One to the sound of cheering. The other to the sound of happy tears.The Baobab is called the Tree of Life. It is capable of providing shelter, food and water for the animal as well as human inhabitants of the African savannah regions. The cork-like bark is fire resistant and is used for cloth and rope. The leaves are used for condiments and medicines. The fruit, called "monkey bread", is rich in vitamin C and is eaten. The tree is capable of storing hundreds of litres of water, which is tapped in dry periods.Mature trees are frequently hollow, providing living space for numerous animals and humans alike. In my opinion, these area) the United States - to the relief, shouts & cheering throughout the world as American imperalism bites the dust;b) the other is China, which will cause happy tears because the Communist Government will increase Human Rights, release many political prisoners, and call for freedom of elections, effectively becoming the world's largest democracy.4. "Some will be taken to justice in a flat land. But they will leave trouble behind them, and those who deserve prison most will escape it - as usual."Flat land" can mean "flat" economically as well as geographically. This may be the dragging to justice of those economic gamers have done so much to flatten the world's economy, especially from nine (9) financial institutions that curently run the United States of America and who have poisoned the world's econoimies with derivative bundles essentially worth nothing. Of those who deserve prison most, they will escape it "as usual".5. "Wars? Yes, of course there will be wars," said the sangoma with a weary shrug. "But the longest snake will surprise us all. And the biggest monster of them all will be betrayed and vanish.This has just got to be the United States of America - betrayed and vanished...gone as a world power.6. But ask me about money," he said, eager to change subjects. "The foreigners will still feast on our soil. Some of us will fight over the scraps that fall from their table. But those scraps will get bigger. Most of us will be fatter by the end of the year. But we will not know it.Could this be the formation (at last) of a United States of Africa which will protect African rights to their very own resources?7. In one country a woman will discover something miraculous and the whole continent will celebrate. Juice from a tree will greatly reduce pain, rejuvenate nerves and neural connections, and generally prolong life.8. One of us will join a brand new family abroad - but for the wrong reasons -and those relatives will snigger behind our backs." Actually I have an opinion on what this might mean, but the words "for the wrong reasons" cause me to hesitate.So, what have the rest of you to say? Fri 31 Dec 2010 21:20:45 GMT+1