Comments for en-gb 30 Sat 27 Dec 2014 19:27:50 GMT+1 A feed of user comments from the page found at Matt Hearing the PM theme again for the first time since I was about 11 brought back great memories of my childhood. I almost expected hearing one of the SOS messages that used to be announced between 5pm and 6pm in the days before mobile telephones!I think having a theme tune adds authority to PM as a programme and differentiates it from conventional news programming. (Think of Newsnight and you think of the opening titles, whereas, say the BBC 10 o'clock news titles are not as readily associated with the programme).Bring back some opening titles!! Mon 18 May 2009 21:47:34 GMT+1 Anne P. Patrick Too (26) but if we are talking nostalgia should we not be hearing something that was 'very much of its time'?Thanks for the link, David, I've been listening to them all and I think have a marginal preference in the nostalgia stakes for 1986 then 1970 and the most recent last.I don't suppose we could have all three? No, I thought not.My breath is bated...... Thu 14 May 2009 15:44:36 GMT+1 David_McNickle Or, they could try here for all three... Thu 14 May 2009 15:29:48 GMT+1 Patrick Too ["23. At 10:42am on 14 May 2009, hairyoldfart wrote:Which of the three themes will be played though.Can I vote for the 1996 one please.try here for all 3! "]Ah! That was the page I was looking for! The '86 one was OK, but very much of it's time - the '96 version has a Channel Four News timeless quality about it - and Ch 4's has changed little over the years and also sounds great with the volume up! Thu 14 May 2009 12:09:52 GMT+1 Lady_Sue (19) David, that was rather witty. Thu 14 May 2009 10:46:25 GMT+1 Big Sister David, I care, and I've thanked you elsewhere.Like the hairyoldfart, I'm for the 1996 version. Dynamic - like Eddie? Thu 14 May 2009 10:40:27 GMT+1 Paul L Which of the three themes will be played though.Can I vote for the 1996 one please.try here for all 3! Thu 14 May 2009 09:42:36 GMT+1 David_McNickle As I said elsewhere, but nobody seems to care, go to the bottom of this link for three PM theme songs. Thu 14 May 2009 09:34:15 GMT+1 Big Sister My dog likes them all. Or seems to. Thu 14 May 2009 09:18:15 GMT+1 David_McNickle Which Archers theme do you prefer? Thu 14 May 2009 09:14:02 GMT+1 David_McNickle L_S 17, And you think that you are an urbane miss. Thu 14 May 2009 09:13:08 GMT+1 Stephen - Leader of STROP This post has been Removed Thu 14 May 2009 07:29:49 GMT+1 Lady_Sue I'm looking forward to hearing it. I had thought the PM theme tune was an urban myth. Thu 14 May 2009 05:43:09 GMT+1 dennisjunior1 That's Great News... Thu 14 May 2009 05:00:38 GMT+1 Patrick Too All right! Who remembers the different tunes used for "Weekending" then!Oh! Sorry, got a bit carried away there...... Thu 14 May 2009 01:44:23 GMT+1 needsanewnickname There have been at least two PM sigs, though, haven't there?Mine was:doo-doo-doodley diddleydoo-doo-doodley doodleydoo-doo-doodley doodleyDooooooStrewth. Now this is listener power.I mean, it was never, never,never,NEVER again.Talk about nomination for 2010 Sony interactive award! Frog powerrrr! Wed 13 May 2009 23:17:19 GMT+1 Patrick Too I hope Eddie remembers to get it right! "It's PM at Five PM" Oh I used to turn it up loud! "This is BBC Radio Four"Pip pip pip pip pip peep BAM! Bam bam bambambambambam bambambam ba ba ba baa! "It's PM At Five PM" Great Stuff! As it's nostalgia time - I have my nostalgia cassette on hand to put in the nostalgia hifi to record this auspicious occasion!Signed: Your Old Friend Uncle Rubbish. Wed 13 May 2009 21:52:14 GMT+1 Big Sister Ah, 'that' tune. Lovely.Eddie, will you be wearing ear plugs? Wed 13 May 2009 21:45:44 GMT+1 mittfh Google evidently likes the BBC...I tried searching for evidence of the PM theme, to get a sneak peak...And the top result was this very thread (followed closely by the campaign to save the R4 UK Theme)... Wed 13 May 2009 21:20:49 GMT+1 smilingspursmike I am a Benefit Fraud Investigator within Local Government. I have heard many MP's saying it was a mistake that they have had Public money. On a daily basis I interview people who are at the lower end of the scoial scale who tell me thye haven't committed Fraud but it was a mistake. What's the difference betwen the people I interview and MP's,none. Those that have ver received and pay back should be charged with Fraud and prosecuted like the ordinary people in the street Wed 13 May 2009 21:16:55 GMT+1 U12196018 I'll be back on Friday then. Wed 13 May 2009 21:14:24 GMT+1 Septic Hurrah.... all we need now is 'Lilly Bolero' back on the World Service and all will be right in the universe.Thank you, Eddie. It makes up for my new job going to an ex-job after 5 days. Change of plans by the govt department involved, and as a freelancer, I was surplus to the revised plan. Wed 13 May 2009 21:00:52 GMT+1 annasee Where's Peter Rippon? He just loved that theme tune, didn't he? Someone email him to make sure he doesn't miss it, quick.I shall be all ears from start to finish. And does this mean we can get rid of the Upstairs Downstairs music now? Cos I'm starting to get fed up with it, however many variations you introduce. Wed 13 May 2009 20:36:18 GMT+1 Blogarooney Stewart (5) Now you mention it, I think you you're right. Funny how these things come back in a flash as if it were yesterday. I'm humming as I type. Wed 13 May 2009 20:29:32 GMT+1 Stewart_M Blogarooney, I think that was it. Were there not some Bopbah's in it also? Wed 13 May 2009 20:19:22 GMT+1 Blogarooney Is it the one that goes do dee do do dee do dee do dee do dee do dee doo dee do? Yes, I think I vaguely remember it too. Will be all ears. Wed 13 May 2009 19:59:46 GMT+1 dottymama Hello. I have been a regular PM listener for a couple of years now but have never been moved to email/text/post until now. I can't tell you how excited I am that the theme tune will be played tomorrow evening. I don't remember it you see, but I am hoping it will put a long-unanswered question to rest.My mother was a Radio 4 listener and I have a very strong memory of a particular theme tune playing when I was a child (I can hear it in my mind right now as I type). When I became a Radio 4 listener myself in my mid-twenties the theme tune seemed to have disappeared from the network, but it has stuck in my head and I would love to know just what it was the theme tune to. If my mother were still around I could have asked her to enlighten me, but sadly she died twenty years ago.So, I will be glued to my Pure at 5pm tomorrow. Here's hoping that this is the one... Wed 13 May 2009 19:19:15 GMT+1 Gillianian I hope someone's told jonnie ;o) Wed 13 May 2009 18:31:30 GMT+1 Sid This post has been Removed Wed 13 May 2009 18:27:26 GMT+1